Security Center & AllGoVision Video Analytics System Integration

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AllGo Systems offers advanced video analytic software, AllGoVision, which seamlessly integrates with Security Center unified security platform to provide automatic real-time detection of people, vehicles, incidents, and other pre-defined conditions. The AllGoVision video analytics software provides features for accurate detection of intrusion, traffic violation, suspicious incidents, and parking management and counting. AllGoVision video analytics runs on a standard server. It processes video feeds directly from Security Center and triggers alarms in the unified security platform when an event is detected. Security Center customers who are looking for video analytics option will benefit from AllGoVision’s superior analytics performance, increased cost efficiency, ease of use, and technical support.

What is AllGo Systems' AllGoVision?

AllGoVision is an enterprise-level advanced video analytics solution that is ideal for citywide surveillance, traffic surveillance, building surveillance, and business intelligence applications. It is a server-based solution that offers a list of basic and advanced features that help security operators quickly and easily identify the following:

  • Intrusion Detection/Incidents:  Trespassing, line crossing (tripwire), auto-steering of PTZ (automatically zooms into or follows a violator), tailgating, and camera tampering.
  • Suspicious Incidences (Objects):  Left-behind object detection and missing object detection.
  • Advanced Suspicious Incidents (People): Loitering, crowding, and tailgating.
  • Retail Applications (Counting/ Flow): People counting, reporting, automatic emailing, face capturing, and queue management.
  • Traffic and Parking Management: Vehicle wrong-way detection, illegal parking detection, speeding detection, congestion detection, and vehicle counting.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Video stitching and video smoke detection.

AllGo Systems' AllGoVision Integration Process with Security Center

AllGoVision 2.8 is integrated with Security Center 5.1 or higher.  AllGoVision software can be installed on Windows OS workstations and servers. Customers can choose to install AllGoVision on the same server as that of Security Center, or on a different server. Using a single set of credentials, users need only login to Security Center to access pivotal analytics data and event. AllGoVision then automatically connects to Security Center, pulls video feeds from all IP cameras supported within the unified platform to process information and send events.

Security Center Allgovision diagram
Overview of the AllGoVision integration with Security Center. Click on the diagram to view a larger version.

Analytics can be configured for any number of cameras connected to Security Center directly from a simple and intuitive interface. More than that, customers can pre-set rules, activate advanced features, and view video and events triggered by AllGoVision analytics software all within the Security Center's user-friendly interface. AllGoVision also allows users to customize multiple regions within their environment and assign multiple rules to each region.

Finally, users can also take advantage of AllGoVision's unique Custom Task for Security Center which provides the ability to view events with automatic video pop-up and playback. Using the same Custom Task, customers can also access stored video events at any time for after-the-fact investigations or evidence collection.

Security Center Allgovision event screenshot Security Center Allgovision alarm screenshot
Event received in Security Desk from AllGoVision. Click on the picture to view a larger version. Alarms received in Security Desk from AllGoVision. Click on the picture to view a larger version
Security Center Allgovision custom task screenshot Security Center Allgovision server setup screenshot
AllGoVision alarm view Custom Task in Security Desk. Click on the picture to view a larger version.  AllGoVision screen with Server Setup tab. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

AllGo Systems' AllGoVision Integration Process with Security Center

AllGoVision Analytics Activity Security Center Event
Trip wire / object crossing line Object crossed line
Trespass Object entered
Camera tampering Camera tampering
Loitering Loitering
Tailgating Tailgating
Left baggage detection Object left
Missing object detection Object removed

AllGo Systems AllGoVision differentiators at a glance

  • Ease of use without calibration
  • Features such as Smart Auto PTZ control and Video Stitching
  • Superior performance in terms of accuracy and robustness
  • Higher number of channels per server

AllGo Systems provides installation and fine tuning support to AllGoVision customers.  Trial versions are available which supports this integration with Security Center.

Ordering Information

AllGo Systems

  • AllGoVision 2.8 software license AGV_v2.8. Submit request for license key in


  • 1 SDK connection per Security Center supporting AllGoVision GSC-1SDK-ALLGO-AllGoVision

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