Security Center & Ipsotek VISuite Integration

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Ipsotek has developed patented Scenario Based Detection technology that is the foundation of their video content analysis solution, VISuite. Ipsotek’s VI Suite integrates with Security Center, Genetec’s unified security platform, offering users intricate tools to automatically detect and respond to suspicious events and behaviors. Using the video images in Security Center, VI Suite analyses the content of hundreds of cameras and sends alarms directly to Security Center, grasping the attention of the operators in real time. From the Security Center, users can also pre-configure specific event alarms, or generate reports for added business intelligence.

What is Ipsotek VISuite?

VISuite, Ipsotek's Video Content Analysis (VCA) solution, proactively uses video surveillance systems to identify predefined events and behaviour from live video using the Scenario Based Detection (patented) rule engine. Once these events or behaviours are identified, alerts are automatically sent to the operators. As a result, the element of human error is eliminated and operators can quickly intervene. VISuite improves the efficiency of operators by allowing them to successfully monitor many cameras simultaneously.

VISuite also serves as an efficient forensic and business intelligence tool. In the forensic mode, event-based video is available for immediate retrieval. Footage is dramatically simplified and the system trawls through hours of video in seconds. This means that investigators can later use smart search tools to access the appropriate section of video from hundreds of cameras instantly when identifying suspects or locating missing children. As a business intelligence tool, detailed reports are generated by the system to the client's specifications. Examples of such reports are people counting, footfall metrics, vehicle/object counting, classification as well as casino gaming performance analysis.

Typical benefits of VISuite are improved security, cost saving and commercial gains. VISuite improves the efficiency of any control room in new and existing installations, provides a versatile system with a high level of accuracy and enhances business processes with data collection (data displayed in the system generated reports).

Genetec Security Center Unified Security Platform with Ipsotek's VISuite

Ipsotek VISuite is integrated with version 5.0 and higher of Security Center.

Security Center Ipsotek integration Diagram

Overview of the Ipsotek VISuite Conent Analysis integration for Security Center. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

The integration is achieved by using Security Center's SDK within VISuite 10.1. IP video is received by VISuite 10.1 over an IP connection and analyzed for specific behaviors as defined by VISuite's configuration tool. When such behaviors are detected in video, alarms are triggered by VISuite which are then reported/triggered within Security Center. The configuration tool (VIConfig) for VISuite is available in Security Center as a custom task where behaviors of interest can be defined per camera. Through this custom task in Security Center, operators can also manage several VISuite specific operations like defining schedules, conducting alarm escalations (actions) and defining presets for cameras. The alarms raised by VISuite can be reviewed in Security Center thus providing only limited but highly reliable information within the video in real time.

Additionally, VISuite's business intelligence and reporting tool is also available within Security Center thus allowing the operator to manage both the video surveillance system, video content analysis and other integrated systems from the unified security platform.

Ipsotek's VISuite and Solutions

Ipsotek's VISuite features/differentiators at a glance include:

  • Patented Scenario Based Detection and alarm definition technologies.
  • A unified solution for security and safety, transportation, gaming and retail markets.
  • Generation of reliable metadata tracking in real-time.
  • Patent Pending "Tag and Track" technology used to track subjects within a secured camera network comprising of either overlapped or non-overlapped cameras.
  • Ipsotek's Multi-Camera Tracking technologies (Tracker++, Tag and Track) designed to easily plugin into core capabilities of VISuite 10.1.
  • UK Home Office (i-LIDS®) approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications in 2009.
  • Low false alarm rate - Highly flexible alarm engine with an adaptive filtering technique that automatically disqualifies false alarms.
  • Video, audio and AUX event fusion - Advanced event fusion based on video, audio and AUX triggers combined in a Scenario Based Detection rule engine (patented).
  • A tool box of detection modules that operate robustly in both sterile and crowded environments.
  • Alarm statistics web hosting - remote access through a web interface for alarms generated by multiple sites including event count statistics.
  • Centralized or camera-based deployment of Video Content Analysis on VIS200 and VIS1000 platforms respectively.


Figure 1 :  Security Center displaying VISuite Configuration Tool.
Figure 2 :  Security Center displaying the real-time tracking metadata.
Figure 3 :  Security Center displaying the camera configuration within VISuite.
Figure 4 :  Security Center displaying the alarms and video reported by VISuite.
Figure 5 :  Security Center displaying the counting data generated by VISuite.

Security and Safety/Critical infrastructure


Gaming & Leisure


Traffic Monitoring

Mass Transit


Perimeter protection

Intrusion detection


People and vehicle tracking


Anti-tail gating


Queue and crowd management

People counting and footfall metrics

Exit lane monitoring

Congestion and incident detection

Policing and enforcement

Abandoned object/vehicle detection

Blocked emergency entrances/exits detection

Performance enhancement and cheat detection

Dwell analysis and layout performance measurement

Ordering Information


  • VISuite 10.1 (software License)
  • VIS20x (4, 8 or 12 CH analytics server)


  • 1 SDK connection for each processed video stream (GSC-1SDK-IPSOTEK-VISuite)

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