Security Center and WINK Forge Integration

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With the integration of WINK Forge to Genetec’s unified platform, Security Center, Cities and Transportation Authorities are now able to push their video content on the web to make it available for millions of simultaneous users without overloading their network. This considerably eases the access of video for end-users to check Transportation cameras to see the traffic for example.

Omnicast Wink Diagram 1
WINK's Forge transcoder converts Security Center video streams to highly compressed H.263/H.264 videos. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

Omnicast Wink Diagram Integration 2
WINK's Forge HD transcoder creates fluid motion from MJPEG frame source, outputting highly compressed H.263/H.264 video streams.Click on the picture to view a larger version.

Wink Forge HD Transcoder Unit
Wink Forge HD Transcoder Unit

WINK Forge is a high-quality hardware-transcoding engine that allows you to pull and convert video streams from Security Center and transcode them to highly compressed H.263 or H.264 video. The output of H.263 or H.264 video provides little to no noticeable quality loss while reducing the bandwidth requirements by at least 20 times the original rate.  (Typical output rate ~ 100 kbps.)

WINK Forge supports streaming to various media servers such as Adobe Flash Media Server (RTMP), Microsoft Media Server (RTSP) and Helix Universal Server (RTP). WINK Forge is available as a compact hardware solution or can be provided as an ASP (Application Service Provider) model.

WINK Forge Integration Process with Security Center

WINK Forge has been specifically adapted to interface with the Security Center API.  WINK Forge integrates with Security Center in minutes; a user simply needs to provide the Security Center username and password, and a list of the camera IDs.

The WINK Forge's easy-to-use web interface has been extended to allow easy configuration within Security Center.

More About WINK Forge

General Features when integrated with Security Center include:

  • Up to 60 concurrent streams (depending on frame rate and quality)
  • H.264 / H.263 variable and fixed bit rates available
  • Ability to concurrently stream high and low quality feeds of the same camera source

When integrated with Security Center supports output to following media server types:

  • RTP (e.g. Darwin)
  • RTSP (e.g. Microsoft Media Server)
  • RTMP / RTMPE (e.g. Adobe Media Server)

The WINK Forge supports the following image manipulations:

  • Crop / Scale
  • Watermark / Time stamping
  • Picture in Picture

WINK Forge creates fluid motion from MJPEG frame source

Ordering Information

WINK Streaming

  • Option A: managed service, no installation or setup required.
  • Option B: Hardware onsite.


  • One mobile client connection for each processed video stream (GSC-1MobileU)
  • One SDK connection per Wink server (GSC-1SDK-WINK-Forge)

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