ACIC Video Analytics Integration

The integration of Genetec’s video surveillance system, Omnicast, with ACIC video analytics solutions offers users a powerful combination for automated and enhanced video surveillance applications. ACIC analytics help users track and identify suspicious behavior or events, automatically alerting operators of this critical information through Omnicast’s user-friendly interface.

About ACIC Video Analytics

ACIC offers high-performance video analytics solutions to address physical security and traffic monitoring challenges. ACIC video analytics software automatically analyzes video streams and is engineered to remain seamless to the operator, avoiding any disruption in video flow. ACIC solutions become an extremely powerful component to the entire video surveillance platform, helping customers effectively carry out applications such as perimeter protection, human presence or suspicious behavior detection, coast surveillance, boat detection, people/vehicles/bicycles counting, etc.

ACIC Video Analytics Integration Process with Omnicast

ACIC video analytics processes video streams coming from the camera using unicast or multicast transmissions to reduce network bandwidth. Different ACIC analytics packages can concurrently be installed and up to 32 video streams can be processed on a server. Detected events like intrusion, people counting or traffic incidents are sent to the Omnicast server using a software development kit (SDK) connection. Configurable descriptions, meta-data and bookmarks can be attached to the event for further processing by Omnicast. Supervision events, like server malfunction or camera anomaly can also be transmitted to Omnicast. At the same

Omnicast ACIC diagram
Overview of the ACIC video analytics integration for Omnicast.
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time, graphical overlays for system data and events is generated and sent to Omnicast. The overlays are displayed on screen over indexed video through Omnicast's Live Viewer or Archive Player, and overlay detail levels can be configured per stream.

ACIC analytics solutions' differentiators are:

  • High-performance detection with proven low false alarms rates
  • Negotiable and contractual false alarm and detection rates per client
  • Customizable and open video analytics software
  • Reputable technical support to integrators

ACIC Video Analytics Offering

ACIC offers five packages to address specific applications in different industry segments:

MvActivityDetection® generates alarms when specified objects enter defined areas or cross a virtual line. Constraints on object motion can be preset to detect more specific scenarios. The learning and adaptation algorithms of MvActivityDetection are capable of handling challenging outdoor conditions like shadows or lightening effects.

MvPeopleCounting ® is a video analytics application performing precise people counting. People who cross a virtual line are counted depending on the direction of their movement. MvPeopleCounting is able to handle groups, standing persons or even decipher suspicious behavior from unnatural motion. MvPeopleCounting is not affected by lighting conditions like shadows or reflections. The visual configuration of MvPeopleCounting is easy and the tracking elements can be quickly moved and set up. MvPeopleCounting is a cost-effective solution for accurate statistics in shops, shopping malls, museums or any public places.

MvPanoramaDetection® reconstructs a panoramic video from images provided by a pan-tilt camera. The megapixel video is then analyzed by MvActivityDetection to detect mobile objects. The use of a long-distance focal lens enables the analytics system to detect small far-off objects like boats, vehicles or humans depending on the context. This extension is especially useful in wide areas under surveillance like coasts or vast landscapes.

MvCameraAnomaly® is used to automate the maintenance of an IP video network. MvCameraAnomaly operates autonomously, detecting cameras' malfunctions and generating alarms. MvCameraAnomaly works in a centralized way and can handle a number of IP or analogue cameras. Configuring the software as well as viewing results are possible through a user-friendly interface.

MvTrafficMonitoring® is a high-performance and flexible system that processes multiple lanes of traffic in many outdoor-roadway or tunnel conditions.

MvTrafficMonitoring® produces real-time vehicle and traffic flow data in all traffic contexts from stopped vehicles to vehicles driving at high-speeds. MvTrafficMonitoring performs automatic incident detection and is a cost-effective solution for road traffic monitoring and surveillance.

Notes: The applications are installed on Servers analyzing the content of 4 to 32 video streams. MvCameraAnomaly can be added as an option to the other applications.


MVActivityDetection:  Figure 1a | Figure 1b | Figure 1c
MvPeopleCounting: Figure 2
MvPanoramaDetection:   Figure 3a | Figure 3b
MvCameraAnomaly:  Figure 4
MvTrafficMonitoring:  Figure 5

Ordering Information


  • MvActivityDetection
  • MvPeopleCounting
  • MvPanoramaDetection
  • MvCamraAnomaly
  • MvTrafficMonitoring


  • 1 SDK connection per ACIC server (Om-E-1S)

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