Financial Institutions

Whether you’re a top financial institution or an independent bank with fewer than 10 branches, you need a physical security system that gives you full control over video surveillance and access control as well as a global view of all your sites. Rely on Genetec IP security solutions to:

  • Identify threats
  • Reduce fraud losses
  • Close cases faster
  • Centrally manage security at every branch

With a clear migration path to IP technology, our solutions allow you to keep existing investments while benefitting from advancements in physical security systems.

Where banks used to focus on preventing and solving loss resulting from robbery or other similar crimes, today you are also concerned with fraud. In fact, loss due to fraud surpasses loss due to robbery in every way.

When it comes to closing fraud cases as quickly as possible, traditional video search methods and bandwidth can be prohibitive. Moving large amounts of data through a small network and then fast-forwarding and rewinding through raw video footage can become counterproductive. You need a solution that allows you to retrieve crucial evidence from any location quickly and painlessly to help speed up fraud investigations while keeping your employees, customers and assets secure.

Omnicast, the IP video management system (VMS) in Security Center, helps your team proactively manage risk and minimize loss. By allowing them to detect threats in real-time, instantly playback or forward video, search through video thumbnails, quickly compile and export evidence and protect evidence with advanced cybersecurity features, Omnicast helps your team prevent and solve both robbery and fraud cases. Watch this Omnicast video for a quick demo.

Invest in a reliable and flexible IP video system.

Secure Your Doors with Flexible IP Access Control

As part of Security Center, our unified security platform, Genetec Synergis offers real-time monitoring and investigative tools that help your security and fraud teams prevent, investigate and solve cases. It improves branch security by helping you move away from keys and allowing you to manage cardholders around the world.

Reasons Financial Institutions Choose Synergis IP Access Control

  • Ability to lock and unlock doors from the map-based interface or mobile device
  • Receive real-time info on access-denied alarms that are linked to video
  • Detect suspicious activity with access control reports
  • Set automatic door schedules for branches
  • Grant access for vaults and server rooms to specific people

Synergis gives you better control at every door. In addition, using the Security Center Federation™ feature, you can manage all of them and your alarms from one central location.

And, because Synergis is an open access control system (ACS), it allows you to preserve existing door hardware, including keypads, controllers and readers, and offers unification with industry-standard intrusion panels. These benefits make Synergis an easy and affordable way to upgrade your legacy ACS to an IP solution.

See what else you can do with the Synergis system.

Genetec SV Network Security Appliances come pre-loaded with Security Center and offer a turnkey network video recorder (NVR) with powerful investigative features and support for a wide range of edge devices. With an SV appliance you can install your IP security system in less time, choose from an extensive list of supported devices or re-use existing hardware, grow your system one camera or door at a time, and protect your investment with a 3-year hardware warranty.

The SV-32 appliance provides standalone video surveillance or unified video and access control in one and supports up to 32 cameras and 100 readers. With it, you can keep your existing hardware investment and minimize your upgrade costs.

The SV-32 appliance allows you to decode and store both video and access control data locally at each branch. You can also send video and data back to your corporate office or a central control room using the Security Center Federation feature or our cloud-based subscription model, Federation-as-a-Service. This lets you manage all operations from a single location.

For branches or locations requiring a smaller option, the SV-16 appliance is a compact lightweight appliance that supports up to 16 cameras or readers, or 8 cameras and 8 readers in a unified configuration.

Choose the more affordable path to IP.

Your financial institution employs thousands of people, and your headquarters, data centers, call centers and other office spaces store vast amounts of information, including sensitive financial and access data. Keeping your people and data safe requires a physical security system that can include a wide range of cameras and doors managed by access control. Our open IP solutions offer you:

  • Unified Multi-System Management with video, access control, intrusion and communications within one platform
  • Mission-Critical Reliability for access to video and data at all times
  • Mobile Situational Awareness based on sharing information across departments and devices
  • Proactive monitoring with easy-to-use automated software

The Omnicast IP Video Management System

When it comes to physical security for any Financial Institution’s corporate facilities, selecting the right video management system (VMS) is crucial. After all, a single financial institution can deploy thousands of cameras across multiple locations. Security departments need to be able to manage all devices across their enterprise and see everything at all times.

Omnicast, the IP VMS in Security Center, gives you the ability to deploy a surveillance system that addresses your unique video security needs. It provides scalable HD video monitoring and recording with advanced bandwidth optimization, failover and disaster recovery capabilities. Because the Omnicast system is part of Security Center, it can be unified with access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), intrusion and communications.

And, with the Security Center Federation™ feature, you can enable multi-site monitoring and manage all your security hardware, allowing you to respond to events and alarms across your organization.

Providing deep support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and video equipment, the Omnicast system scales and adapts to the changing demands of your security environment. It also allows you to incorporate solutions, including video analytics and business management systems, from the extensive list of partner integrations within in our technology ecosystem.

Because protecting video data and communications while safeguarding everyone’s privacy is vital, the Omnicast system also offers advanced watermarking capabilities.

See why corporate banking facilities trust Omnicast.

Why Financial Institutions Choose Synergis IP Access Control

Say goodbye to proprietary-based access control platforms. The Synergis system is the only solution on the market that gives you the choice to utilize multiple brands of non-proprietary access controller and edge devices with one, single unified platform. Take advantage of the multiple edge devices available today form various hardware manufacturers. As part of Security Center, our unified security platform also offers real-time monitoring and investigative tools that help security departments keep people and assets secure. It provides enterprise-level features that help streamline processes across facilities and make it easy to manage thousands of cardholders and visitors.

The Synergis system gives you the ability to lock and unlock doors from a map-based interface or a mobile device, receive real-time information on access-denied alarms that are linked to video, detect suspicious activity with ad-hoc access control reports and easily manage access to sensitive areas.

And, using the Security Center Federation™ feature, you can manage all of your doors and alarms from one central location.

When it comes to the daily operation and security of your corporate banking facility, the Synergis system helps security teams mitigate risk and respond quickly to any situation as it arises. It automatically alerts security when someone is denied access to an area and allows them to review cardholder information, verify video and address the individual over your intercom system.

Learn more about why Synergis for corporate facilities and data centers.

5 Valuable Must-Haves for Financial Institutions

For good reason, banks are often seen as the most secure institutions on the planet. In order to fulfill this commitment, you need a physical security system that gives you full control of all sites.

Choose Any Hardware

Combine analog cameras with newer HD models or wide-dynamic-range and 360-degree devices. Choose PoE and wireless door hardware, and add more over time.

Secure Your Video and Data

Stay safe from cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities with highly advanced and built-in security mechanisms, including encryption, digital certificates and authorization.

Tap into Mobile Access

Retrieve video using your mobile tablet or phone from any location, or integrate body-wearable cameras from on-site security guards for expanded views at branches.

Navigate Branches with Ease

Navigate hundreds of sites, quickly respond to alarms and easily find cameras, doors and other devices from a built-in map interface when urgent response is required.

Never Miss a Minute

Rely on features that ensure the highest percentages of system availability. Retain video and data access integrity even when network failures occur.

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