Schlage AD 300 Series Locks

The AD Series locks were designed to be adaptable, allowing upgrades to be made to new technologies without taking the lock off the door. Featuring built-in credential readers and access control sensors, they deliver a comprehensive EAC solution.

Schlage AD 300 Series locks seamlessly integrate with the Genetec Synergis Access Control System to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution to meet your security needs. With the Synergis system, you can deploy IP-based access control with Schlage electronic locks to conveniently extend the reach of your security system to hard to reach areas without compromising security.

With the Synergis Access Control System, operators are able to:
-Manage and monitor all of their security infrastructure from a single platform
-Run consolidated reports across all their entire access control deployment, including electronic locks
-Achieve greater situational awareness by viewing all Schlage lock events and alarms linked with live and recorded video when unified with Security Center

The AD Series is available in both hardwired and wireless configurations to suit the requirements of the facility. 

e.g. Higher learning institutions need to protect and secure important and valuable assets.Electronic key and asset management systems help control access to these valuable assets,and integration with Security Center ensures that organizations manage keys and equipmentthat are not physically secured with a traditional access control solution, as well as offeredthe ability to audit and report on their use or their loss against recorded video.

Features and benefits

  • Electronics bring more visibility and control to the opening
  • Modular design allows reader upgrade t fit changing credential needs without changing the lock
  • Real-time communication with centralized lock-down capability
  • Flexible connectivity options to fit building infrastructure

AD-300 with the Synergis System

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  • PoE locks

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

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Genetec part number

○ Genetec Part Number per client (Ex. One GSC-1SDK-PARTNER-PRODUCT per client workstation)
○ Partner part number as needed (ex. Per Client/Server)

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