Intelligent video analytics solution with face recognition engine

FindFace Security is an intelligent video analytics based on cutting-edge face recognition technology

NtechLab’s FindFace integration with Genetec™ Security Center delivers an increased level of security and comfort for any organization. By turning video streams gathered by Genetec™ Security Center into valuable insights with the use of AI-driven facial recognition, FindFace creates greater situational awareness and increases the efficiency of control operations making it ideal for solving governmental and corporate security issues as well as hospitality tasks.

Key capabilities:
• Monitor situations on site
• Match images to watch lists, including billions of faces
• Provide real-time alerts

Fields of application

FindFace Security provides fast and accurate face recognition for urban and national projects: public and city safety, corporate and facility security, and hospitality issues. FindFace Security enables you to identify people of interest and prevent crimes or conflicts. Using facial recognition, a person of interest can be detected and tracked in a split second. The integration can be applied to a variety of fields:

Give intelligence to your video management system

Enjoy greater operational efficiency

FindFace Security automates routine tasks ensuring optimal system performance

Features and benefits

Instant identification of unwanted individuals and VIP guests provides crime prevention and greater situational awareness

• Reduces response time on the events
• Improves services from security stuff
• Improves the efficiency of investigations

• Prevents reputational losses and conflicts
• Surpass catering to the needs of VIP guests


FindFace Security Architecture

FindFace Security is deployed on a standalone server/pool of servers and interacts with GSC via Web SDK. It queries a list of the cameras from GSC and triggers alarms to GSC. RSTP streams are received via Genetec Media Gateway. Profiles and camera management is being done via FindFace Security Web UI.

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Supported Analytics

  • Facial Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Detection

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Industry verticals

  • City-Wide Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces
  • Transportation

Version and ordering information


GSC 5.6+
FindFace Security 1.1

Genetec part number


1 SDK connection per FindFace Security server

Valid FindFace Security License

NtechLab is the world’s recognized expert in face recognition technologies driven by artificial intelligence and neural networks. Dozens of engineers work on the development of our unique FindFace products. These products ensure high speed and face recognition accuracy on huge datasets (containing more than 1.5 billion images).

The quality of our technology and solutions is confirmed by our partners, customers and research centers from all over the world including NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) and IARPA (the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, USA).

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