With over 40 years of experience and 70,000 installations worldwide, Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of high-security outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems for security-sensitive applications in the utilities, industrial, transportation, government / military, corrections and VIP sectors.

Field-proven INTREPID™ fence, buried cable and microwave detection solutions provide precise, immediate detection of intrusion attempts, mitigating risk to critical infrastructure and high-value assets. Product excellence reflects only one component of Southwest Microwave's customer commitment.

A pledge to provide world-class customer care is backed by extensive technical service capabilities, including system design assistance, site commissioning services, comprehensive product training and responsive tech support.


Intrusion and Perimeter (SDK)

The Southwest Microwave INTREPID RPM II Plugin enables seamless integration between Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID Series II perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and the Genetec Security Center unified security platform.
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