Splan is a California based company, specializing in providing next generation cloud software check-in solutions for Visitors, Events and Schools. Splan uniquely delivers an intelligent and fully automated solution for small to large enterprises. Splan is committed to deliver the most innovative security solutions, which are cost effective, easy to use, enterprise-centric, self-service and web-based. Splan Visitor mobile KIOSK solution will take care of all your secure check-in and personal tracking needs. SignInEasy Mobile App enables employees to manage visitor registration and tracking most effectively than others. Splan Visitor integrates with more than 20 third party systems to provide seamless visitor checkin solutions. 

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Visitor Management

Access Control Systems and Add-ons (SDK)

Splan specializes in providing a secure cloud or on-premise web based Visitor Management system for increased visitor security and simplified visitor badging. With an easy to use self-service KIOSK, this is highly customizable and affordable solution.

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