Vintra makes AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable, trusted, and tailored intelligence, enabling professional security teams to build the safest and most productive organizations in the world.  

Vintra is unique in some important ways.  First, it works on nearly any existing camera, whether it is fixed or mobile video that is live or recorded. It does not require a rip and replacement of the existing camera infrastructure.  Second, it is a single application that handles multiple workflows, enabling forward-thinking organizations that have mission-critical risk to achieve three powerful business outcomes: faster investigations, better situational awareness, and a more proactive security posture. Third, the core AI technology has been built from the ground up for the security industry rather than use open-sourced algorithms like many others. Finally, Vintra's FulcrumAI is deeply integrated with the suite of Genetec products, making it easy to deploy and update.

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Analytics (SDK)

Genetec customers can benefit from FulcrumAI, Vintra’s deep learning video analytics solution integrated with Genetec Security Center, to deliver real-time, total-environment intelligence from any camera source, fixed or mobile.
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