AZUR DRONES is the European leader in autonomous drone. Thanks to a strong R&D team, the company develops and manufactures a drone-in-a-box solution for security actors.

SKEYETECH is a fully autonomous drone revolutionizing security and safety over sensitive sites. Thanks to its charging base, SKEYETECH system is 24/7 operational for automatic patrols or situation assessments in case of alarms.

Based in France, AZUR DRONES became a Genetec technology partner at the end of 2018. Skeyetech is now fully integrated with Security Center. 

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SKEYETECH - Autonomous aerial surveillance

Cameras & Encoders

Skeyetech is a drone-in-a-box solution revolutionizing security over sensitive sites. It carries out patrols, threat identification or monitor crisis situations 24/7. Skeyetech is the first autonomous drone in Europe approved by authorities.

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