IONODES is focused on pushing the boundaries of video technology, developing the latest in IP video storage, management and display solutions. Our experience in IP video and our strong partnership with industry leaders allow us to deliver innovative products designed to enhance people’s lifestyle while ensuring their safety and security.

IONODES Secure Display Stations allow security video and information to be shared more broadly.  These video wall appliances deliver video and information securely and enhance both productivity and safety.

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Secure Display Stations

Displays & Video Walls (SDK)

Secure Display Stations are dedicated video wall appliances designed to display live video on digital monitors without the cost, complexity and security risk of a client workstation. They can be managed directly through Genetec™ Security Center.

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Security Desk Client Encoder

Cameras & Encoders

The IONODES ION-E100-HD can take the video output of a Security Desk workstation and convert it to a video stream.  Security Center can manage, record and distribute this stream like a camera. This is often used for supervisory and training purposes.
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