BioConnect is on a Quest - for Rightful Identity. Why? To empower people to authenticate with their unique biometric credentials (their Rightful Identity) throughout their everyday lives - delivering greater security, assurance and convenience along the way. 

BioConnect is revolutionizing the access control market with its industry-first identity platform that enables the integration of biometric technology with the industry's leading access control solutions. As a partner of Suprema, the global leader in security and biometrics, BioConnect supports the implementation of it's top-rated biometric hardware devices (finger, face, card and PIN) in North America. 

BioConnect's support, training and consulting resources ensure you have the skills to implement a successful biometric access control solution. 

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BioConnect ID Enterprise

Access Control

Traditionally biometrics and access control have lived separate lives. BioConnect ID Enterprise integrates the top biometric access control readers with your Genetec Security Center solution.
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