Invixium is intensely passionate about delivering Internet ready biometric products that are elegant, robust and simple to use. Focused on the PAC and time & attendance markets, our offerings are differentiated through advanced algorithms, intelligent engineering and customizations.

Invixium's beautifully crafted biometric products include MERGE, MYCRO, SENSE and TOUCH which feature the latest in cutting-edge technology to provide lightning fast results and enjoyable experiences. Constructed with industry trusted technologies like Corning Gorilla Glass, Capacitive Touch screen, HID card modules, Android OS, Texas Instruments processors along with fingerprint sensors from Lumidigm, SecuGen and NEXT Biometrics, Invixium products are built to last.

Our immensely powerful web-based software IXM WEB makes device and user management a breeze with an intuitive UI and dramatically reduces setup time via integrations with leading Access Control Panel manufacturers.

Invixium products are proudly Made in Canada.

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Invixium Biometric Solutions

Access Control Systems and Add-ons (SDK)

Biometric solutions replace vulnerable methods of entry like keys, cards, fobs and PINs. Invixium's IP-based biometric products are ideal for enterprises and SMBs in need of strong and trusted user authentication for security and convenience.
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