As experts in the field of Body Worn Video Solutions, Edesix  wearable cameras are used globally by Police Forces, Security Teams, Prisons & Retail Establishments; protecting staff & assets, whilst providing video evidence when needed.

Edesix wearable cameras can be integrated to Security Center, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of fixed IP cameras. Our cameras are capable of streaming live video and audio feeds from multiple perspectives and viewpoints to Security Center, whilst simultaneously recording footage in HD quality locally to the camera.

Pairing video & audio from the view-point of the camera-wearer with that of fixed CCTV cameras provides a comprehensive view of the security landscape, and adds contextual detail to any incidents which occur.

Edesix offers two Security Center-compatible cameras: the VideoBadge VB-300 for security professionals - enabling shift-long recording; and the VideoTag for those recording less often, providing 6 months standby battery life & up to 4 hours of recording.