Dell Technologies Surveillance Solutions offer a host of technologies that can be tailored to fit surveillance applications big or small, on premise or cloud based, and centralized or distributed.

Video surveillance solutions using Dell Technologies storage, server, workstation, and networking products provide physical security experts with the flexibility, performance and scale needed to support high camera counts, megapixel resolutions, high frame rates and long retention times demanded by the industry. Dell's enterprise-class storage architecture is designed to provide the high availability required to meet the demands of today's IP-based video surveillance deployments.

Video surveillance solutions at scale in the enterprise require systems that can provide deterministic performance, reliability, and ease of use, all at a value that makes sense. Dell EMC Storage solutions can be deployed as either block, file or cloud solutions to match the size and scale of the solution requirement. 

Dell Technologies - Safety and Security

Storage and Infrastructure

Dell Technologies  is a leading provider of the infrastructure needed for the deployment of Safety and Security solutions with Genetec Security Center, providing flexibility, scalability and simplicity.
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