FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness.

We bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems.

Our products improve the way people interact with the world around them, enhance public safety and well-being, increase energy efficiency, and enable healthy and entertained communities.

FLIR gives you rock-solid video security coverage with cameras that see in visible, near-IR, and thermal, 24/7.

Thermal security cameras complement and complete your network of CCTV security cameras by turning night into day, giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye.

Selected models also provide non-contact temperature measurement, delivering sophisticated condition monitoring capabilities together with video security and intrusion detection.

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FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome Camera

Cameras & Encoders

FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome Camera features multiple FLIR Lepton® thermal sensors, a 1080p or 4K camera, onboard analytics, IR and visible LED illuminators, two-way audio capabilities, and integration with leading central monitoring and VMS platforms.
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