A result of a cooperation between a research center and recognized engineering universities, ACIC has been providing high-performance video content analysis solutions for a decade.

ACIC's offer is based on a range of appliances consisting of high-performance VCA software installed on high-quality centralized servers (HP Proliant series) or distributed and ruggedized (AAEON boxers).  ACIC's appliances are easy to set up and enable a seamless integration within security systems thanks to a homemade intermediate service layer (middleware): ACIC Event Manager. Appliances cover a wide range of applications including perimeter protection, virtual line crossing, people counting, automatic incident detection and road data gathering, stopped cars or abandoned objects. Majors references are Seif Palace, UN building (Kuwait), SNCF, oil refineries, metallic industry, retail, Police, transportation administration, solar plants...

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ACIC ActivityDetection

Analytics (SDK)

The integration of Genetec Security Center and ACIC’s ActivityDetection video analytic solution offers users an ideal system for automatic and supervised video surveillance.
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