Request video from the public

Digital evidence captured by third parties can often contribute to help solve investigations. Citizens use their phones to capture events, and businesses increasingly rely on security cameras.

The Genetec Clearance file request feature makes it easy for law enforcement agencies to collect large files from both citizens and private businesses to ensure privacy in the chain of custody.

The benefit:

File requests can either be sent to specific individuals or published widely on social media to quickly retrieve evidence from personal devices and security systems.

Manage video from your surveillance system

Genetec Clearance allows you to securely manage and share exports from your surveillance systems quickly and efficiently. The application supports a variety of proprietary video codecs. Which means recordings can be previewed directly from your web browser without the need to install a standalone video player.

The benefit:

Video can be transferred to cases in Clearance, and immediately reviewed with the right stakeholders, without losing control of who has access to your recordings.

Save time redacting video

Video clips must often be redacted to conceal the identity of bystanders before they can be shared for open records, FOIA, or access requests. This is not only a time-consuming process but can be costly for many organizations. Genetec Clearance reduces operational costs by providing a secure platform to easily redact and share video.

The benefit:

Our face detection analytic minimizes the time required to mask individuals. It automates parts of the process to ensure the privacy of individuals and information in recordings that are shared.

Centralize your incident data from other systems

When working on a case, it’s essential that the information you need is easily accessible. Genetec Clearance is designed using the “API First” development principle for all components of the service. It provides documented and publicly available APIs that can be used to integrate with third-party systems.

The benefit:

Organizations can connect Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), and incident reporting systems in order to automate case creation. Enabling investigators,including police officers, to quickly review all incidents in Genetec Clearance, alongside their digital evidence.

Genetec Clearance API documentation

Genetec Clearance™ Seen

Genetec Clearance Seen

Genetec Clearance Seen is a mobile app that allows officers and security personnel to capture videos, images, and audio records from their phone, and upload evidence directly to their Genetec Clearance account. Captures can quickly be added to cases and shared with investigators and other parties – all while maintaining the safety and security of the evidence.

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