Build a smoother passenger experience

Your airport’s success is intimately linked with your passengers’ experience. How seamlessly they move from drop-off to check-in, past screening and into retail and boarding areas directly impacts their level of satisfaction. The goal is to have happy travelers that will contribute to your airport’s commercial success.

Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics is an advanced analytics solution that extracts valuable insights from sensors you’ve already invested in, such as video security cameras. These insights give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your airport – helping you create a passenger journey that’s faster and smoother.

Understanding your airport

Know how your airport moves

Know how your airport moves

Airports are reaching new levels of sophistication, with retail areas increasingly driving commercial success. At the same time, an increase in traffic as well as new screening and security measures are impacting the way we travel. To make sense of it all, you need to know which areas are most often visited, better exposed, and where delays occur.

Analyze passenger behavior

Analyze passenger behavior

With a deeper knowledge of passenger movement throughout your terminals, you can begin to predict the everyday flow of people. In no time, your team can develop the expertise to understand passenger paths, from curb side to the gate, so that you become intimately aware of their entire journey.

Optimize the passenger journey

Optimize the passenger journey

Equipped with a better understanding of terminal usage and density, as well as traveler and visitor flow, you can take action and eliminate unnecessary hold-ups. You can take informed, data-driven decisions that reduce waiting times, increase throughput, and lead to satisfied travelers. In turn, they visit your airport time and again, recommend it to others, and continue fueling your growth.

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Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics

In the midst of a digital revolution, airports are increasingly relying on new technology to move to data-driven decisions. Yet every day, your Genetec Security Center unified platform is capturing valuable data, such as video from security cameras. Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics translates your security data into insights to enhance both your planning activities and day-to-day operations. Best of all, the infrastructure and sensors you need are already in place!

Performance indicators

Turn data into performance metrics

Convert anonymous, raw data into key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for airport security and operations – and monitor progress through real‑time dashboards and accurate reporting.

Security equipment

Find new uses for your security equipment

Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics processes video and sensor data to understand passenger queues, processing time and terminal usage. So you get the most out of your existing security investment, limit spending on specialized hardware, and equip your staff to succeed.

Visualize traffic flow

Visualize traffic flow over time

Interpret trends in footfall and behavior to understand your passengers’ itineraries, and optimize your terminal and retail area configuration to further enhance airport operations.

Informed decisions

Help retailers make informed decisions

Taking it a step further, share insights from Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics with your airport’s retailers. You offer them a clear picture of visitor movement and activity, and advise them on product placement and more.

Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics at a glance

Monitoring performance with Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics

Whether it’s airport-wide or on a per-terminal basis, the Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics web portal displays valuable insights through intuitive dashboards and maps. Easily understood performance indicators that inform on passenger experience allow your staff to make smarter decisions. To ensure your security, operations, and business staff get the most out of Security Center Passenger Flow Analytics, you can easily customize the interface and user experience to their specific needs. They can also run reports and track performance over time.

Some of the real-time advanced analytics and metrics include:

  • Number of visitors and travelers
  • Queue wait times and processing times
  • Direction of travel and flow
  • Area density and dwell times with heat maps

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