ASSA ABLOY Electronic Locks

The Synergis™ system supports popular intelligent IP lock brands from ASSA ABBLOY such as Aperio, Corbin Russwin and SARGENT, allowing you to leverage some of the industry’s most popular and innovative wireless, Wi-Fi, and PoE-enabled lock technologies to easily extend the reach of you access control system.

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Wireless, Wi-Fi, and PoE Technology

ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless locks

Wireless Locks

Deploy wireless, non-intelligent, Aperio-enabled locks in hard to reach areas, and benefit from savings in both hardware and labor costs. Aperio locks connect in real-time to the Synergis Cloud Link appliance through an RS-485 enabled hub (AH30). Synergis Cloud Link manages the locks, handles all access decisions, and logs events in real-time.

ASSA ABLOY ip access control intelligent locks

Wi-Fi Locks

Leverage an array of intelligent Corbin Russwin and SARGENT Wi-Fi locks by connecting them to your Synergis system over your existing corporate network. These Assa Abloy locks run autonomously, connecting periodically to the Synergis Cloud Link appliance to upload events and download the latest configuration settings.

ASSA ALOY VS1 Sargent PoE lock over connected IP

PoE Locks

Install intelligent Corbin Russwin and SARGENT PoE locks that utilize your network for both power and communications, resulting in both hardware and installation savings. These Assa Abloy PoE locks are online locks, always connected to the Synergis Cloud Link over IP to upload events and download configuration settings in real-time.

Architecture Overview


ASSA ABLOY Architecture Diagram