Allseas is a world-leading contractor in offshore subsea construction. Its operators monitor over 400 cameras using the Omnicast IP video surveillance system of Security Center aboard the world’s largest construction vessel, the Pioneering Spirit.

The company

Allseas is a world-leading contractor in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction. The company owns and operates a fleet of specialized vessels to service oil and gas clients all over the world. In 2016, Allseas commissioned the world’s largest construction vessel, the Pioneering Spirit, measuring 382 meters long and 124 meters wide. The vessel offers single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines.

The challenge

Operators onboard the Pioneering Spirit use video surveillance footage to effectively monitor and perform operations. When scale and performance of the existing system needed to increase beyond the capability limits, Allseas started a search for a new solution. Allseas wanted full assurance that the new video surveillance system would be dependable. They also wanted an intuitive solution that operators could easily manage and maintain themselves.

“We’ve had zero downtime since installing Security Center, and that helps make our operations highly efficient and safe.”




Allseas chose the Genetec™ Security Center platform with the Omnicast video surveillance system. The platform’s stable performance and easy system management convinced the company that they were making the right investment. Operators now monitor over 400 cameras aboard the Pioneering Spirit. Allseas said, “We are handling our own maintenance and have the freedom to choose our own devices, which has helped us significantly reduce our operating costs.”

There are over 50 client workstations on the Pioneering Spirit, many of which are located on the bridge of the ship. Users will actively watch cameras to ensure that equipment is properly positioned and functioning correctly, and that the heavy lifting process is being executed safely. Using the Federation feature of Security Center, operators can also access the cameras on a separate barge called the Iron Lady to monitor transfer and load-in operations.

The Solution

Reliable and Self-Sufficient System

Advanced reliability features ensure the system is always running at peak efficiency. If changes need to be made or if any issues arise, technicians on the ship can quickly handle them.

Open Architecture Freedom

The openness and flexibility of the platform allowed Allseas to keep 250 cameras from the previous system. The team also added 150 IP cameras from various manufacturers to expand views.

Easy Map Navigation

Users work from Plan Manager, the built-in map interface. Operators use the map layout to quickly identify various angles and viewpoints while heavy-lifting processes are underway.

Permission-Based Monitoring

Allseas technicians assigned specific user privileges depending on each person’s role. Each operator only has access to the camera views they need to effectively carry-out their job.

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