ASO Siderurgica Group

Italian steel producer upgrades to Omnicast IP Video Surveillance to counter raw material theft and keep factory workers safe

Business Challenge

Established in 1971, ASO Siderurgica is an Italian steel producer with an exceptional reputation for quality and manufacturing technology, and a trusted partner in global aerospace and energy industries. Its 'Made in Italy' label is a differentiator ASO Siderurgica takes seriously, and thus requires controlled and uninterrupted operations through its three main manufacturing sites across Italy, namely Ospitaletto (Brescia), Castegnato (Brescia) and Raldon (Verona), to ensure the quality of its production and the timely delivery of its supplies.

With the largest manufacturing plant spanning over 70,000 square meters, ASO Siderurgica had previously invested in a DVR-based analog security system to monitor its plants, protect its perimeter and ensure its assets and people were safe. However, in recent years, break-ins and thefts of raw materials and finished products were becoming more rampant, and searching through video tapes to resolve incidents became troublesome. Instead, ASO Siderurgica turned to Certified Genetec Integrator and Distributor, LAIS S.r.l, with plans to upgrade their analog video system with the latest IP security technology.

ASO Siderurgica has massive facilities with lots of shift workers coming and going, so its security team needed a cutting-edge video surveillance solution that would let them monitor happenings around the clock, and maximize their resources during the night shifts when thefts are more prevalent and security staff is minimal. According to Mario Pasquino from LAIS, "We suggested Genetec for its proven reliability in other installations across Italy, and because it would allow this large-scale steel producer to easily add cameras across its other manufacturing sites as well as integrate the latest IP hardware and software thanks to a truly open architecture."

Multi-Site Monitoring With Real-Time Analytics

Today, Omnicast IP video surveillance, version 4.8, is installed at the three sites with 44 cameras in Ospitaletto, 15 cameras in Castegnato and 28 cameras in Raldon. Although each system is independent from the other, ASO Siderurgica is also monitoring and controlling their systems from a central location as if they were part of a single virtual system using the Genetec Federation™ feature. This feature helps its security team better allocate their personnel and become more efficient during off-hours.

ASO Siderurgica chose Axis Communications P1346-E network cameras and AXIS Q1921-E thermal cameras to achieve complete coverage and better visibility over extensive perimeter and critical junctions during nighttime darkness. LAIS also deployed Vi-System, Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution, integrated with the Axis cameras by embedding the Agent Vi software component in the cameras. Within Omnicast, the following Vi-System detection rules are activated:

  • Person crossing a line to detect and alert to perimeter intrusions; and
  • Person and vehicle moving in an area to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel and vehicles moving in restricted areas.

"At each site, we installed one NVR server and one NAS server for storage which includes 10TB for video archiving. We use ISCSI protocol between the NVR and NAS server, and have also implemented a dedicated server for software integration such as the Agent Vi real-time analytics," explained Mr. Pasquino.

Preventing Loss while Keeping Workers Safe

Since upgrading to Omnicast IP video surveillance, ASO Siderurgica has been able to better handle incidents of thefts and apprehend suspects. Adding an extra layer of intelligent analytics has also heightened security in and around their facilities.

The Agent Vi analytics integration within Omnicast provides operators with instant alarm notifications which are brought to the forefront of the monitor alongside live video as soon as an event is detected. This allows the operators to respond to potential threats within a moment's notice. LAIS has also configured the system to automatically bookmark these events so they are easy to find when reviews need to be undertaken by ASO Siderurgica's security team.

"Our Omnicast IP video management system is very easy to use and highly intuitive," confirmed Michele Perini, Information Technology Manager at ASO Siderurgica. "Since installation, our security team has been able to handle incidents and find video faster than ever before. This ultimately means we are able to minimize thefts, keep our operations running smoothly and make sure our workers are always safe."

"Each of ASO Siderurgica's sites had vulnerable spots, including some with poor or no lighting, that were causing a nuisance and resulting in robberies. Following significant testing, it was clear that Agent Vi's analytics, combined with thermal IP cameras from Axis delivered the best solution for this customer," confirmed Mr. Pasquino. "Immediately after installation, we started receiving detections of unauthorized people and cars at the sites. With the instant display of the intruders' movements in the Omnicast interface, the company security team now operates at an optimal level."

Expanding IP Security across More Sites

Knowing Omnicast is proven to handle growth beyond thousands of video devices, ASO Siderurgica is looking to continue adding more cameras, while also considering the expansion of the federated system across more of its sites. ASO Siderurgica is also interested in upgrading to Genetec Security Center, the unified security platform that blends multiple systems in one powerful solution to start leveraging more features from the Genetec portfolio. Top of mind is the Mobile feature which will allow security guards to access cameras from their smartphones, and Plan Manager, the map-based interface, which provides ease navigation through their massive facilities from 2D or 3D map layouts.

"Protecting our organization and our people, while delivering on the promise of quality to our customers is at the core of our mission, so we could not be more pleased with how this complete security solution has supported everything we strive to achieve as a leading steel producer," concluded Mr. Perini.