ASO Siderurgica is an Italian steel producer with an exceptional reputation for quality and manufacturing. The producer recently upgraded an analog video system to the Security Center Omnicast™ video surveillance system, helping to counteract theft and keep workers safe.

The company

Established in 1971, ASO Siderurgica is an Italian steel producer with an exceptional reputation for quality and manufacturing technology, and a trusted partner in global aerospace and energy industries. Its ‘Made in Italy’ label is a differentiator that the company takes seriously. To ensure the quality of its production and the timely delivery of its supplies, ASO Siderurgica requires controlled and uninterrupted operations through its three main manufacturing sites across Italy, namely Ospitaletto (Brescia), Castegnato (Brescia) and Raldon (Verona).

The challenge

With the largest manufacturing plant spanning over 70,000 square meters, ASO Siderurgica had previously invested in a DVR-based analog security system to monitor its plants, protect its perimeter, and ensure its assets and people were safe. However, in recent years, break-ins and thefts of raw materials and finished products were becoming more rampant and searching through video tapes to resolve incidents became troublesome. ASO Siderurgica wanted to upgrade their analog video system with the latest IP security technology.

“With Omnicast, our security team has been able to handle incidents faster than ever before. This means we can minimize thefts, keep our operations running smoothly, and make sure our workers are always safe.”


Michele Perini, Information Technology Manager, ASO Siderurgica


Today, the Omnicast IP video surveillance system is installed at all three sites with 44 cameras in Ospitaletto, 15 cameras in Castegnato, and 28 cameras in Raldon. Although each system is managed independently, ASO Siderurgica is also monitoring their systems from a central location. The video system is also integrated with Agent Vi analytics to detect perimeter intrusions as well as unauthorized personnel and vehicles moving in restricted areas.

Since upgrading to Omnicast, ASO Siderurgica has been able to better handle incidents of thefts and apprehend suspects. Adding an extra layer of intelligent analytics has also heightened security in and around their facilities. Immediately after installation, they started receiving detections of unauthorized people and cars at the sites. This ensures that the company’s security team now operates at an optimal level.

The solution

Unified view, fast response

When a perimeter or intrusion event is detected, operators receive instant alarm notifications which are displayed on the monitor alongside live video. This allows them to respond quickly and effectively.

Centralized monitoring of sites

Using the Federation™ feature, the security team monitors their systems from a central location. This helps the company better allocate personnel to become more efficient during off-hours.

Intuitive platform

“Our Omnicast IP video management system is very easy to use and highly intuitive. Since installation, our security team has been able to handle incidents faster than ever before,” said Perini.

Expanding with ease

Since Omnicast is proven to handle growth beyond thousands of video devices, ASO Siderurgica is looking to add more cameras and to expand the federated system across more sites.

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