China Rose Restaurant

Calgary-Based Asian restaurant installs new cloud-based video surveillance system to reduce loss and theft, and keep owner connected to daily operations

Stratocast smart phone mobile app let’s small business owners mind the store even when away from the store.

Business Challenge

For over 25 years, China Rose Restaurant has been a staple landmark in Northeast Calgary serving quality Asian cuisine. As the winner of the Consumer Choice Award eight years in a row, the 3,000 sq., equipped with a massive dining area, private function rooms, and a lounge, prides itself on offering its patrons excellent service and a memorable dining experience. According to China Rose Owner and General Manager, Ken Wong, having a video surveillance system has always been a key component of their operations: "We are a large restaurant, and we need to keep an eye on who is coming and going for a few reasons, including the well-being of our guests and staff, and for incidents involving liability claims and inventory theft."

A Simple Switch to the Cloud

Management at China Rose turned to Contava, a Stratocast Certified Partner, for the installationof Stratocast, a cloud-based video solution. Axis Communications' compact, vandal-resistant AXISM3006-V Fixed Dome Network Cameras deliver a 134° viewing angle at the entrance and over sensitive areas like the cash register. The cameras offered Wong a discreet device that provided HDTV quality video with an entire overview of the restaurant. Deploying the system was also facilitated through Axis' One-Click Camera Connection functionality, which is a "phone home" feature to ensure camerasautomatically communicate to Stratocast, without any additional configuration."A system like Stratocast is advantageous because as security integrators we do not have to maintainthe video management system or the storage equipment like servers, computers or DVRs. It's strictly ordering the cameras, performing the installation, and then we can step away from it - the client is upand running," explained James Gosteli, Project Manager at Contava. As the solution is cloud-based, Stratocast is automatically updated as new features become available, without any involvement from the end user or integrator

Tapping into Video from Anywhere

According to Wong, China Rose is already seeing huge advantages when comparing Stratocast to his older analog-based DVR system: "I was very impressed with the system because it's all web-based and was so simple to learn. I can be at home, in the office, or elsewhere and tap into the app from my mobile to see what's happening at the front desk or around the restaurant. With my DVR, I could only review video while at the restaurant and the system was more difficult to find what I was looking for.When we moved to Stratocast with Axis cameras, it was also surprising to see the drastic improvementin the level of detail in the video. It has been really amazing to have such clear images at my disposal."

Since their switch to a cloud-based solution, China Rose has also been able to retain video recordings for longer periods. While their DVR would only allow them to keep about 1 week worth of recordings, Stratocast has enabled them to retain up to 4 weeks. "Servers can be extremely expensive and hard drives can fail after a certain number of years - they can also be stolen or destroyed during a break in. So from an accessibility and reliability perspective, cloud-based storage is ideal because our clients canaccess the video from anywhere," elaborated Gosteli on the added benefits of cloud storage.

Although the system is still fairly new, users at China Rose have already become advocates for cloudbased, hosted video surveillance in restaurants, as Wong concluded with the following: "The system has been so easy to use, and the performance of the system has been flawless, so I would definitely recommend Stratocast to other businesses, especially those coming from older DVR technology. The difference for us has been night and day."

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China Rose Owner and General Manager, Ken Wong. China Rose Owner and General Manager, Ken Wong.

Stratocast's interface makes it easy for owners to monitor their store from anywhere. Stratocast's interface makes it easy for owners to monitor their store from anywhere.

The exterior of China Rose Restaurant. The exterior of China Rose Restaurant.