Key Benefits

  • Ensure video evidence is stored in a secure, off-site location by transferring incidents and critical events to the cloud
  • Rapidly retrieve recorded video stored on-premises or in the cloud from your Security Center system whenever review is required
  • Seamlessly increase cloud storage capacity as retention periods increase or as more recordings are transferred to the cloud
  • Reduce capital expenditures, and maintenance costs of on-site storage hardware

Reduce Your Investment in Storage Hardware

The need for additional storage over the lifetime of your surveillance system can arise from a number of events. As your system expands, your video retention policies evolve, or you introduce redundant archiving and other high availability mechanisms, organizations must make significant investment in additional storage hardware.

Cloud Archives is a unique service from Genetec that enables organizations to maintain video recordings in the cloud, all while continuing to leverage their existing Security Center system. With this hybrid cloud service, customers have greater flexibility to increase or decrease their storage capacity, without the need to purchase additional hardware. Security Center operators can seamlessly access video from Cloud Archives, allowing them to quickly view and search archived video, whether located on-premise or in the cloud.

Protect Video Evidence in the Cloud

As organizations manage a greater number of incidents and critical events recorded by their surveillance system, they must purchase additional storage to cope with retention requirements of video evidence, and must organize an expanding number of DVDs in their archives.

Cloud Archives allows Security Center users to seamlessly transfer recordings to the cloud, while keeping all archives easily accessible to Security Desk operators should additional review be required. Using Security Center’s protect archives capability, system administrators can define the exact series of recordings that are transferred to the cloud, allowing them to maintain secure and redundant recordings of critical events for an extended period.

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Extend Video Retention Period

Whether new regulations have mandated a longer retention period for recorded video, or an organization requires additional cameras be deployed, updates to your surveillance system may go beyond your original storage estimates. The Cloud Archives service can be enabled on any Security Center Archiver, allowing customers to extend their storage capacity at any time, without the purchase of additional hardware.

By configuration camera schedules in Security Center, users can define whether to transfer some or all cameras on an Archiver. With the ability to protect select video archives, customers can also choose to transfer only specific events or incidents for long-term retention in the cloud..

Maintain Cloud-Based Recordings for Disaster Recovery
Beyond the cost of purchasing new hardware, a number of other expenses must also be considered when deploying a large number of servers, including electricity, cooling, and maintenance. Through the use of Cloud Archives, customers can implement a redundant recording solution for disaster recovery, while significantly reducing their initial investment and operational costs, and maintaining highly secure, off-site archives.

The Cloud Archives service can also be configured to store only the most recent video recordings in the cloud, in order to ensure the availability of the latest events should damage to the on-site server occur. For example, stores and bank branches can mitigate the risk of video loss in the event of a smash-and-grab by maintaining redundant recordings of the last 24 hours in the cloud.

Greater Purchase Flexibility
While organizations have traditionally had to budget for the capital purchase of new servers, Cloud Archives is a subscription-based service that can provide departments with greater purchase flexibility by eliminating the need to incur a large lump sum investment in hardware. With the ability to increase or decrease capacity on demand, companies are also not bound to unnecessary hardware that they may only utilize during peak periods, or that may only be required for a short-term event.

Organizations with distributed sites can pool their Cloud Archives resources across multiple systems to share capacity. This allows them to avoid the cost of adding new servers at each individual location.

Key Features

  • Extend video retention period through tiered storage of local and cloud recordings
  • Record and transfer a lower quality stream to the cloud using the Security Center Auxiliary Archiver
  • Globally dispersed datacenters allow customers to select the location nearest to them to optimize performance
  • Video is encrypted using AES-256, and communication to cloud is secured over TLS connection
  • Video is replicated and mirrored in datacenters, providing greater redundancy and fault tolerance
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee backed by Genetec’s SLA
  • U.S. state, local, and federal government agencies can store recordings in US-Government community-cloud
  • Cloud Archives resources can be pooled across an organization with multiple systems to share capacity