The Community of Barrow is the northernmost city in the United States. In an effort to protect its 10,000 residents, the police department, fire department, and local school district worked together in a phased, community-wide security upgrade to install the Security Center Omnicast™ video system.

The company

Located above the Arctic Circle, the Community of Barrow is the northernmost city in the United States. About 1,300 miles (2,100 km) south of the North Pole on the Chukchi Sea Coast, the city is home to just over 4000 people. Barrow is also the hub for the North Slope Borough's seven arctic coastal villages, where another 5000 people reside.

The challenge

Even a small community is still susceptible to random violence and crime. That’s why the Community of Barrow wanted to better secure its public facilities. Together, many public organizations came together to upgrade its citywide surveillance and standardize on a robust video surveillance system. The plan included expanding the surveillance system to remote villages as well.

“Our community and villages are safer and more vibrant than ever before, and we have realized numerous cost-savings across our organizations with the help of Arctic Fire & Security and Genetec.”


Charlotte E. Brower, Mayor, North Slope Borough


Currently, the Omnicast system is managing just over 110 cameras throughout numerous public facilities in Barrow, including the fire and police departments, the Children’s Youth Services (CYS) facility, Arctic Women in Crisis (AWIC) facility and senior citizen facility. Each organization monitors and manages its own Omnicast system, reviewing and exporting video archives when necessary.

With all the systems up and running, the North Slope Borough Police Department (NSBPD) has expanded its surveillance to nearby village precincts. The North Slope Borough Fire Department (NSBFD) has leveraged the video surveillance system to safeguard its high-value equipment and adhere to federally-mandated laws concerning controlled substances. And, the North Slope Borough School District installed the IP video surveillance system at its high school.

The solution

Expanding to remote precincts

With Federation feature™, all police systems are monitored as one virtual system. Officers in Barrow can now assist those who work alone in remote village precincts about 300 miles away.

Monitoring controlled substances

To adhere to laws, access to controlled substances is monitored at the fire station. Paramedics count allotted narcotics at the start and end of their mission in front of the cameras.

Keeping students safe

At the high school, the system has been helpful in identifying a prankster who tampered with hallway lighting, and video has also been exported as evidence in a more serious assault charge.

Growing the system over time

In the next phase, all police precincts in the five more villages will come online. Eventually, the system will also expand to all other schools and public facilities.

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