Concord Parking provides parking enforcement services to property management companies and cities in Western Canada. Recently, the team invested in automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology to enforce parking and keep compliance high across 50 facilities.

The company

Everyone’s day is better when parking goes smoothly. That’s why many property management companies and cities in Western Canada rely on Concord Parking to manage their lots. Whether it’s a mall, office, or municipal building, the Concord Parking team uses automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology to streamline and enforce facility parking and keep compliance high. That way, employees, shoppers and other customers always have a quick and pleasant parking experience. On top of that, the businesses and cities themselves have insightful data to keep it that way.

The challenge

Having officers enforce big parking lots on foot is time-consuming. As Concord Parking expanded operations, Marc Postlethwaite, Director of the Parking Management Division, thought: ‘Why not add mobile ALPR technology to our security vehicles to better enforce parking?’ An ALPR system would speed up their enforcement efforts, and help them provide more effective parking services without the infrastructure or overhead of traditional parking gates. Concord Parking needed a reliable and high-performing ALPR system. They also wanted nearby technical support for additional peace-of-mind.

“Our clients like to promote that they are using advanced technologies, and so do we.      Using the AutoVu ALPR system has become a competitive advantage for our company and our customers.”


Marc Postlethwaite, Director of the Parking Management Division, Concord Parking


Today, Concord Parking has a total of seven mobile systems in their fleet and three fixed AutoVu systems. In just under 6 years, the company has gone from managing two lots with on-foot enforcement officers to over 50 facilities using ALPR technology. The facilities range from large-scale retail centers to office towers and city parking lots, each with 2500-9000 spots.

The results clearly speak for themselves. One of Concord Parking’s corporate office clients has seen tremendous gains in compliance, which has led to an increase in revenue from $5,000 to $26,000 per month. At major retail centers and city buildings, Concord Parking easily enforces permitted zones, time-limited zones, and traffic surveys with a single AutoVu system.

The Solution

Effective and Quick Enforcement

“Before the AutoVu system, it would take two officers over a week to cover a large retail site. Today, one officer can enforce 9000 parking spots in a few hours,” said Postlethwaite.

Better Parking Compliance

More people are complying with regulations and paying for monthly permit passes now. That’s because the technology helps Concord easily identify vehicles that are in violation.

Simple Gateless Parking

With a fixed ALPR system, permit holders can now freely drive in and out of a new non-gated parking lot. Enforcement officers are alerted to any unpermitted vehicles so they can issue citations.

Useful Business Insights

Usage reports tell municipal clients when certain city-registered vehicles enter and exit the parking lot. They city can then bill each department for their parking usage.

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