Cornhusker Bank

110-Year Old Bank in Lincoln, Nebraska Standardizes on Genetec Security Center for Access Control and Video Surveillance across Six Branches and a Technology Center.

Business Challenge

Established over 100 years ago, Cornhusker Bank has been committed to serving the personal and business banking needs of Lincoln, Nebraska. This privately-owned bank has six locations throughout the city; a technology center and three part-time offices in local retirement residences. Entrusted with the financial assets and daily transactions of its customers, Cornhusker Bank implements strict security policies and takes every measure to protect its establishments, patrons and associates from harm, theft or scams.

Over time, surveillance systems changed and as technology improved the bank found itself with a mix of older analogue and newer IP video systems installed across its locations. Although the systems were working, some equipment and technology were becoming obsolete.

To Royce Jeffries, Vice President of Security and Risk Management at Cornhusker Bank, this was an opportunity to implement a better, more unified long-term strategy across all facilities. At the top of his wish list was consolidation of video surveillance and access control under a single platform, as well as setting up a solution to centrally monitor all facilities. Jeffries also wanted to enact a plan that would allow the bank to gradually expand and improve its security year after year.

With a phased growth plan in mind, Cornhusker Bank turned to Prime Communications, a certified security solutions provider, who helped the bank move forward with Security Center, the unified security platform from Genetec. To ensure customer satisfaction, Prime Communications provided a complete system upgrade design, indicating exactly where all the camera fields-of-view would cover before installation.

"Security Center offered a robust solution that supported the different cameras we already had installed, and that allowed us to combine video and access control operations to handle multi-branch investigations from a central location," explained Jeffries.

Unifying for Tighter Control and Better Security Operations

Today, Security Center has been installed at six bank locations, including the technology center. Genetec Omnicast, the video surveillance system in Security Center, manages over 100 cameras across all sites. Synergis, the access control system of Security Center secures, manages and tracks all access to the doors within the bank's technology center, sensitive areas of the main branch and access to their datacenter.

Slowly moving from locks and keys to an IP access control system is helping Cornhusker Bank realize tighter control over branch access. With support for dual-authentication in Synergis, the bank was able to implement both a proximity card and PIN authentication for employees to gain access. In the event of a lost or stolen card, the facility would still be protected by a PIN code entry.

Another notable advantage for Cornhusker Bank has been having all security information under one platform. According to Jeffries, "We can see everything from one platform, rather than logging on and off different systems to find the needed information; all the access control data is tied to video, and all our sites are easily accessible from one interface."

On the video side, the detailed design provided by Prime Communication ensured camera coverage for all entrances, tellers, cash handling and other pivotal areas inside and outside the facilities. Locations with drive-through tellers received some extra attention to clearly capture vehicle descriptions, license plates and driver faces in hopes of protecting customers who fall victim to fraud.

Each location has dedicated local storage for video recordings and Cornhusker Bank is using the on-motion recording to minimize storage use. When movement is detected, the IP cameras from Axis Communications will record video and store it on local media where video remains for investigations for a set period of time. Video Trickling feature is used on limited cameras where local storage is not practical. Omnicast will trickle the recorded video to a remote Archiver for storage, allowing the data transfer to occur after hours when other critical system are not monopolizing the network.

Leveraging Security Center to Speed Up Investigations

While Cornhuskers Bank has immediately begun benefitting from the perks of the new system, the entire community are also reaping many shared benefits. Cornhusker Bank receives frequent requests from local law enforcement to pull video for other crimes around the facilities, and Jeffries gladly admits, "The police love the quality of our video." During investigations, Jeffries can access the video from Omnicast without any interruption. "It's a new system with far more capabilities, but it's been simple enough to go back and look through video to determine what happened, and then quickly export the video to fulfill law enforcement requests,"  added Jeffries.

The Security Center Mobile feature has also proven to be very useful for investigations, allowing Jeffries to quickly log on with his iPad or laptop from anywhere in case an intrusion alarm goes off. "It allows immediate remote access to assess the scene and determine the need for law enforcement. In making an initial decision, Mobile has improved and expanded our review and responding capabilities," explained Jeffries.

Moving Ahead with More System Unification

The ease of scalability and flexibility of Security Center has allowed Cornhusker Bank to grow its new system, one branch at time. Over the next 12-36 months, expansion plans are expected to continue as the last branch will be moved over to Security Center and Synergis and extended to all locations.

The bank is also hoping to unify its Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) intrusion detection system within Security Center if possible.   As a trusted partner, Prime Communications will continue to assist Cornhusker Bank with its upgrade while handling day-to-day maintenance. In a final statement, Jeffries expressed his overall satisfaction of the new unified solution: "Security Center is a reliable and centralized platform that helps us manage most aspects of security. Not only can we look at video, but we can also monitor who is coming and going. We have also been able to grow at our own pace, so standardizing on a unified security platform was the right long-term choice for our bank."

Infrastructure at a Glance

The majority of cameras at Cornhusker Bank are AXIS P33 series Fixed Dome Network Cameras, but some other older investments were preserved to minimize initial costs. On the doors, HID Global EDGE EVO® controllers and ProxPro® readers were installed alongside 4500, 5200 and 9600 electric strikes from HES, an ASSA ABLOY Group company. All security data is stored locally on servers which house about 2-4TB of video and data, allowing for at least 60 days of retention. All sites connect back via a fiber backbone to the technology center where the directory server is located.