Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Financial Services Giant in India Makes Future-Proof Investment in Genetec Omnicast IP Video Surveillance to Benefit from Best-of-Breed Device Selection and Improved Investigations

Business Challenge

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited is one of India's leading financial services group, offering a complete portfolio of financial services to corporate, institutional and high-net-worth individual clients. Founded in 1996, Edelweiss has become one of the fastest growing integrated investment companies in India with over 4000 workers in 216 offices spread across 118 cities in the country. To accommodate its expansive growth, Edelweiss recently built a state-of-the-art 15-story building in Mumbai. As its new headquarters, the building houses over half of its employees.

Part of Edelweiss' success has been due to the proactive investment in emerging technologies, and during the construction of its new headquarters, this approach extended to the selection of a new IP-based security system. With high-value transactions, top-tier clients and its national operations to protect, Edelweiss implemented a 100-camera network-based video surveillance system.

Although the system was effective initially, problems with video clarity caused concerns for its onsite security department. Not only were cameras beginning to fail, they were also not able to adapt to varying lighting conditions; furthermore, Edelweiss encountered more system restrictions and failures when attempting to add more cameras to new office areas.

With guidance from NexGen Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd., a local certified system integrator, Edelweiss chose Genetec Omnicast™ IP video surveillance. Omnicast™ is part of the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center, which offers advanced functionality like an intuitive mobile client, a map-based interface and more capabilities.

According to Mr. Dilip Muni,Senior Manager - Administration and Estates at Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, "The fact that Omnicast™ supports a large number of cameras is very user friendly, and easily scalable made the security system ideal for our video surveillance needs".

Open-Architecture Video Systems Offers Freedom of Choice

Since video quality was a major concern for Edelweiss, choosing an open-architecture platform such as Security Center with support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, storage, and CCTV equipment was a critical advantage. The system's open architecture provided the freedom to upgrade failing devices and select best-of-breed cameras for the environment. In looking for better performing cameras which would accommodate varying lighting conditions inside and outside the office, Edelweiss was impressed with Axis Communications and its line of network camera.

Not only was deep integration with Axis network cameras important to Edelweiss but the open architecture of Security Center also allowed the financial services giant to preserve its existing camera investments, forgoing the need for a full rip and replace and minimizing upgrade costs.

The ease of scalability of the new video surveillance system allowed Edelweiss to plug-and-play over 200 new Axis Communications IP cameras. Today, Omnicast™ manages these cameras installed through the Edelweiss headquarter building including all public office areas, such as at entrances, lobbies, storage areas and in the lifts.

"Security Center is such a flexible platform which even allowed our team to leverage wireless technology to add cameras in the lifts", said Mr. Polly Maliyakal, Senior Manager - Administration and Estates, at Edelweiss Financial Services Limited. "We have a mix of cameras that all connect back to the Security Center, which is monitored from our dedicated command center".

In similar respects, since Omnicast™ within Security Center runs on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 and Microsoft® Windows 8.0/8.1 operating systems, the switch over to the new video surveillance system was seamless for Edelweiss. "Having the ability to run Omnicast™ on the latest Windows operating systems best suited our office and applications", explained Mr. Muni.

Map-Based Viewing and Reliability Features Enhance Security Monitoring

While operators man two workstations from a centrally-located command center in the headquarter building, their mandate is to regularly check the system at scheduled intervals and conduct investigations when necessary. In case an incident does arise, operators use Plan Manager, the map-based interface of Genetec Security Center, to quickly locate cameras from a detailed map view of the building with floor plans, and instantly playback video.

"The user friendliness of the system is extremely impressive and this made it easy for our operators to manage our enterprise system", said Mr. Maliyakal. "Having motion detection setup means we only archive video that is relevant for our investigations which also helps us save on storage since we only keep the video we need".

Edelweiss has also incorporated some of the renowned reliability features of Omnicast™, such as Failover Directory and Failover Archiver, which ensure that video is always available even when an unlikely failure occurs. Another feature within Omnicast™, called dynamic stream switching, has helped to optimize bandwidth. Omnicast™ has been pre-programmed to automatically provide lower resolution thumbnail views but then switches to a higher resolution when an operator clicks on a thumbnail to view the video in a larger display tile. This provides the ability to view more details, without overloading the network during live viewing.

Tapping into Growth Potential with Omnicast™

Seeing how easy and reliable the Omnicast™ system has been to scale, Edelweiss has plans to continue adding cameras in and around its headquarters. Edelweiss is also looking to roll out the Genetec solution to another three branches, using the Genetec Federation™ feature. Federation™ enables organizations to centrally manage and control all independent Omnicast™ systems at other branch locations from a headquarters or command center, while still preserving local autonomy to remote operators.

"The best part about our choice in Genetec is that we know our investment is future-proof. The open-platform system doesn't limit our choices, so if there is a new camera or system we want to integrate, we can. Combining that with the platform's simplicity and ease of scalability - we are extremely happy with our choice in Genetec as we continue to expand our business", concluded Mr. Muni.

Infrastructure at a Glance

Omnicast™ with Security Center is managing 293 cameras from different vendors but the majority are from Axis Communications. AXIS P3354 and AXIS P3004-V Network Cameras were chosen for indoor and outdoor use, providing superb video quality in HDTV 720p and lightfinder technology for the best optical performance in poor lighting conditions. All video streams over a dedicated network to two archivers which provide 30 days of video retention. All servers, workstations and switches were supplied by Hewlett-Packard.