Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd is one of India’s leading financial services groups. The company recently upgraded to Security Center with the Omnicast video system at their new Mumbai headquarters. Today, operators manage almost 300 cameras, securing assets and clients.

The company

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited is one of India’s leading financial services group, offering a complete portfolio of financial services to corporate, institutional and high-net-worth individual clients. Founded in 1996, Edelweiss has become one of the fastest growing integrated investment companies in India with over 4000 workers in 216 offices spread across 118 cities in the country. To accommodate its expansive growth, Edelweiss recently built a state-of-the-art 15-story building in Mumbai. As its new headquarters, the building houses over half of its employees.

The challenge

With high-value transactions, top-tier clients and its national operations to protect, Edelweiss implemented a 100-camera network-based video surveillance system during the construction of its new headquarters. Although the system was effective initially, problems with video clarity caused concerns for its onsite security department. Not only were cameras beginning to fail, they were also not able to adapt to varying lighting conditions; furthermore, Edelweiss encountered more system restrictions and failures when attempting to add more cameras to new office areas.

“We know our investment is future-proof. Combine that with the platform’s simplicity and ease of scalability— we are extremely happy with our choice in Genetec as we continue to expand our business.”


Dilip Muni, Senior Manager, Administration and Estates, Edelweiss Financial Services Limited


Today, the security team at Edelweiss is using the Omnicast system to manage 293 cameras from different vendors. The system’s open architecture provided the freedom to replace failing devices with best-of-breed cameras and keep existing investments to lower costs. According to Mr. Muni, “The fact that Omnicast supports a large number of cameras, is very user friendly, and easily scalable made the security system ideal for our video surveillance needs.”

Since the Omnicast system runs on Microsoft® servers and operating systems, the switch over to the new video system was seamless. Operators man two workstations from a centrally-located command center in the headquarter building. Their mandate is to check the system at scheduled intervals and conduct investigations when necessary. “The user friendliness of the system is extremely impressive,” said Mr. Polly Maliyakal, Senior Manager at Edelweiss.

The solution

Open to any devices

The system’s open architecture gave Edelweiss the freedom to choose better performing cameras which would accommodate lighting conditions inside and outside the office and within elevators.

Intuitive map-based investigations

In case an incident arises, operators can quickly locate cameras from a detailed map view of the building with floor plans and instantly playback video to see what happened.

Saving storage with motion detection

With motion detection setup, Edelweiss only needs to archive video that is relevant for their investigations. That helps them save on storage since they only keep the video they need.

Optimized video streaming

The system automatically provides lower resolution thumbnail views but then switches to a higher resolution when an operator clicks on a thumbnail to view the video, saving bandwidth.

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