Eurostar Diamond India

Indian Diamond Wholesale Office Leverages Unified Video Surveillance and Access Control to Safeguard Diamonds and Monitor Visiting Brokers

Business Challenge

For over 30 years, Eurostar Diamond has been processing and selling diamonds from various international locations. In a recent expansion, the leading diamond company opened a new 6,300 square foot wholesale office in Mumbai, India. Since Eurostar deals in high-value precious stones and welcomes numerous dealers into its sales office daily, management has been relying heavily on video surveillance and access control to secure its facilities and safeguard its assets.

While the office had been equipped with a network video recorder (NVR) solution, the quality of video did not meet requirements. The NVR features were also very limited, and lacked any integration with its basic access control system. Aiming to better secure their business and various commercial deals, Eurostar India was ready to make an investment in a video surveillance system that would support and record high-resolution video, provide real-time monitoring from anywhere, and integrate with an advanced access control solution.

After a diligent search and many demonstrations from NexGen Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd., a local specialist in security systems integration, Eurostar Diamond India chose Genetec Security Center, the unified security platform that blends Omnicast video surveillance and Synergis access control into one user-friendly solution.

Unification and Granular User Privileges Heightens Monitoring

Today, Omnicast is managing 64 Axis Communications network cameras, and Synergis is controlling over 34 HID Global door readers through the new sales office. According to Mr. Mukesh Kapse, IT – Manager at Eurostar India, “Our stones are often very small, and we need to be able to see them at all times. We have been able to achieve very high-quality video, zooming in to precise details in the sales cabins.”

While video clarity was top of the list, the deciding factor for Eurostar India was that Security Center offered deeply unified video surveillance and access control within one robust and reliable platform. Mr. Mukesh Kapse elaborated: “The unified video and access control was the most valuable feature of the platform. We have a lot of different brokers coming and going from our offices, and distinct areas for different product sales. Now, we can monitor every person that comes in, and get very clear video associated to cardholder pictures each time they swipe their card at a door.”

With the Synergis built-in visitor management tool, Eurostar India has been able to create visitor access control cards in advance and quickly assign them to visiting dealers with pre-programmed privileges depending on where they need to go within the office. For an added layer of security, Eurostar India has also implemented Door Interlocking which prevents two doors within the same area to be opened simultaneously, and Dual-Authentication which requires cardholders to provide both card credentials and either BIO or PIN confirmation to access critical office areas.

To keep track of daily happenings, department managers were given their own monitoring stations, and assigned specific system user privileges to only monitor zones and access data within the scope of their duties. To make this possible, Eurostar India took advantage of the Partitioning feature of Security Center to specify which users and user groups have the ability to view, access and control various system devices, zones and functionalities.

User-Friendly Mobile and Map-Based Functionality Expedite Investigations

The ease of use of Security Center has been instrumental to Eurostar India, helping to expedite investigations and also appease its insurance agencies. According to Mr. Jayesh Chauhan, Director at Eurostar India, “The insurance companies are very interested in knowing what security measures have been implemented. Showing that we have a very advanced security platform with video and access control has really helped. With Security Center, we can quickly handle any investigations.”

Eurostar India has implemented 10 Security Center Mobile clients, providing the convenience for office management to access the system from their mobile phones or iPads. Building layouts have also been integrated within Security Center through Plan Manager, the map-based interface of the unified security platform. Plan Manager allows Eurostar India operators to easily monitor cardholders throughout the building, locate cameras and address alarms.

The intuitive nature of Security Center has also been extended to maintenance. “The maintenance is simple and in case we need help, we have 24/7 support from Genetec, whose representatives have been very responsive and always helpful,” explained Mr. Mukesh Kapse.

Setting the Framework for Future Expansion

Since the office in India boasts the most advanced security system within the organization, it now serves as the framework for other expansions. With plans looming for another new 20,000 square foot office in India, Eurostar Diamond India is looking to implement centralized monitoring for both locations. The company also recognizes the potential to expand the system across other international offices as well.

In the meantime, the company is satisfied with its choice in the unified security platform. In a final statement, Mr. Jayesh Chauhan concluded: “Security is a top priority for Eurostar India and we are very satisfied with Security Center as it provides secured access to information when we need it most.”

Infrastructure at a Glance

Eurostar Diamond India chose numerous network cameras models from Axis Communications including AXIS P3346, AXIS M3304, AXIS M3307, and AXIS M1144LA. On the access control side, HID Global VertX® Controller V1000, as well as bioCLASS® and iCLASS® card readers were installed to secure doors. All data and video is transmitted back to IBM servers, model HS23 Blade Center Edge Chassis with IBM SAN storage DS3512, which provides 36TB of dedicated storage and continuous recording for up to 90 days.