Eurostar Diamond has been processing and selling diamonds for over 30 years. To better safeguard its high-value assets at the Mumbai headquarters, the team upgraded its security operations, unifying video surveillance and access control within the Genetec Security Center platform.

The company

For over 30 years, Eurostar Diamond has been processing and selling diamonds from various international locations. In a recent expansion, the leading diamond company opened a new 6,300 square foot wholesale office in Mumbai, India. Since Eurostar deals in high-value precious stones and welcomes numerous dealers into its sales office daily, management relies heavily on video surveillance and access control to secure its facilities and safeguard its assets.

The challenge

While the office had a network video recorder (NVR) solution, the quality of video did not meet requirements. The NVR features were also very limited, and lacked any integration with its basic access control system. Aiming to better secure their business and assets, Eurostar India wanted a video surveillance system that would support and record high-resolution video, provide real-time monitoring from anywhere, and integrate with an advanced access control solution.

“Security is a top priority for Eurostar India and we are very satisfied with Security Center as it provides secured access to information when we need it most.”


Jayesh Chauhan, Director, Eurostar Diamond India


Today, Security Center Omnicast™ is managing 64 Axis Communications network cameras and Security Center Synergis™ is controlling over 34 HID Global door readers through the new sales office. The deciding factor for Eurostar India was that Security Center offered deeply unified video surveillance and access control within one robust and reliable platform. The ease of use of Security Center has been instrumental to Eurostar India, helping to expedite investigations and system maintenance.

According to Mr. Mukesh Kapse, IT – Manager at Eurostar India, “Our stones are often very small, and we need to be able to see them at all times. We have been able to achieve very high-quality video monitoring, zooming in to precise details in the sales cabins.” Furthermore, department managers have specific system privileges to monitor zones and access data that are within the scope of their duties. This helps them track and enhance daily operations.

The solution

Unified video and access control

“We can monitor every person that comes in, and get very clear video associated to cardholder pictures each time they swipe their card at a door,” said Mr. Mukesh Kapse.

Simple visitor management

Eurostar India created visitor access control cards in advance with pre-set privileges. They can then quickly assign these cards to dealers, restricting them to certain parts of the office.

Extra layers of door security

The system prevents two doors within the same area to open simultaneously. Employees must also provide card credentials with either BIO or PIN confirmation to access critical areas.

Intuitive viewing features

Managers access the system using their phones or iPads from anywhere in the office. Operators also easily monitor cardholder activity, find cameras and address alarms from a map interface.

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