Foxstream FoxVigi and Security Center Integration

Foxstream offers comprehensive video analytics solutions to strengthen video surveillance installations. Foxstream easily integrates with Genetec's unified security platform, Security Center, to provide increased efficiency to operators thanks to their line of powerful video analytics. This integration combines the cutting-edge features of Security Center, with the intelligence of advanced analytics under a single easy-to-use security platform. Operators can thus quickly identify suspicious objects and events from Security Center's revolutionary interface, further enhancing response time to critical situations.

What is Foxstream FoxVigi?

The FoxVigi suite is based on artificial intelligence that enhances the process of detecting and classifying an event.FxVigi offers multiple features such as intrusion detection, counting, loitering detection, abandoned object, crowd  and queue management system, license plate recognition and also a self-test analysis for cameras malfunctions  such as shifting, distortion, brightness, obstruction, signal loss, etc.Foxstream collaborates closely with French research laboratories and exploits the latest technologies available from the research. The FoxVigi technology has been developed in association with the laboratory LIRIS member of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Foxstream FoxVigi Integration Process with Security Center

Foxstream's integration with Security Center 5.0 and up. Note: When FoxVigi is used with Omnicast 4.5 and up, the Metadata overlays are supported. FoxVigi is integrated as a custom task within Security Center, facilitating access to system information and management of multiple systems.FoxVigi processes any video streams from Security Center server independently of the primary source. Those streams are automatically resized to meet FoxVigi specifics requirements (e.g. intrusion detection functionality uses as a standard CIF resolution & 5fps).Any event within FoxVigi is automatically triggered and immediately displayed within Security Center through the software development kit (SDK) connection. Bookmarks can be added to the event for easy retrieval during continuous recording.Custom events can also be configured to trigger specific action(s) when an alarm is raised by a Foxstream video analytic server.

Foxstream's Video Analytics Offering

FoxVigi Intrusion Detection. Foxstream is able to classify any object in the scene, and based on the operator's decision, retrieve any event triggered by the selected class. This is not only based on  simple size or shape definition of the object, but it takes into account up to 30 parameters such as texture, perspective, consistency of movements into the scene. When the classification is achieved, a set of rules can be easily applied to extract only relevant information.FoxVigi Counting. This solution gives accurate counts of people crossing a virtual area. Each direction is counted independently. Statistics for multiple cameras can be agglomerated together to a central database in order to know the exact number of people within an area or premises with multiple access points at any current point in time.FoxVigi Loitering Detection.  This specific application detects long-term presence of people in a confined area. Users can configure the time limit above which an alarm will be triggered. The application can be used in locations such as parking lots or cash points to prevent theft.

FoxVigi Abandoned Object.

This functionality triggers an alarm when an object is introduced within the scene and remains in the same location for a set period of time. The object's dimensions can also be predefined by the operator. Algorithms have been developed to cope with slow and/or fast light variation. This solution is also used for objects removed from a scene.

FoxVigi Crowd and Queue Management.

In order to enhance customer service in locations such as airports, gas stations, theme parks, etc., Foxstream offers a global solution for queue management and waiting areas. This solution provides customers and authorities an average waiting time at various positions such as ticket/passport checking desks. In order to provide accurate values, multiple detections and measurements are required:

  1. « Estimate » the number of people in the queue.
  2. « Measure » the flow of passengers exiting the control area. 
  3. « Detect » the number of opened positions.

FoxVigi Self-Test Analysis.

This automatic process detects camera malfunctions such as shifting, distortion, brightness, obstruction, signal loss.


FoxVigi integration with Omnicast Figure 1a | Figure 1b
Custom Task in Security Center Figure 2
FoxVigi Intrusion Detection Figure 3a | Figure 3b
FoxVigi Abandoned Object Figure 4
FoxVigi Counting Figure 5

Ordering Information


  • FoxVigi - Omnicast or Security Center License


  • One SDK connection per FoxVigi Analysis server (OM-E-1S)
  • One Direct Show Filter connection for each processed video stream (OM-E-1DSF)*

* For Omnicast 4.8 and up OM-E-1DSF is not necessary any more.

Security Center

  • One SDK connection per FoxVigi Analysis server (GSC-1SDK-FOXSTREAM-FoxVigi)