Key Benefits

  • Reduces your operating costs by moving to a single-card approach
  • Makes the transition to a centralized cardholder management model as smooth as possible
  • Permits remote site autonomy as needed
  • Eliminates human error and security flaws through automation of key tasks
  • Manage global cardholders and credentials from anywhere at any time with the Security Center web client

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Enhance multi-site sharing and modernize your global cardholder administration process

Global Cardholder Management enables organizations to manage cardholders, cardholder groups, credentials, and badge templates across multiple independent Synergis™ access control systems through multi-server synchronization. Newly created or modified cardholders and credentials can be synchronized to all participating sites, no matter their location, promoting sharing and standardization across your organization. Changes can be either central or initiated at the remote locations. Ideal for multi-site, multi-national, and multi-tenant deployments, you will feel secure in knowing that changes in one site are propagated to all other sites in no time.

Sample Applications

Moving To A One Card Solution

You can finally issue a single credential or corporate card that can be used across all your sites, dramatically reducing your credential expenditures, and allowing travelling employees to travel with ease.

Managed Services and Multi-Tenant Environments
Users offering managed services or those managing multi-tenant environments also benefit from global cardholder management as it allows them to manage multiple sites as if it were a single system, thereby eliminating individual logins to each and every remote site.

Large Multi-Site Organizations
Central management is now possible for large multi-national organizations. New or modified cardholders and credentials can be managed centrally and synchronized to remote sites, transparent to remote users.

Central Management with Regional Autonomy
If you move to a centralized model for cardholder and credential management, remote sites can maintain local autonomy over access rights and access control hardware. This guarantees that security is handled locally.

Global Cardholder Management Architecture:

At the heart of Global Cardholder Management is an enterprise architecture that manages flow of information from a central site to remote sites, as well as between remote sites. Transparent to users, this flow of information is automated, reducing workload and errors along the way



Key Features and Specifications

    • Entities that are synchronized:
      • Cardholders and cardholder groups
      • Credentials and badge templates
      • Custom fields
    • Scalable to hundreds of remote sites
    • Tens of thousands of cardholders supported
    • Automated synchronization between sites
    • Option to configure on-schedule or on-demand syncs
      between sites
  • Synchronize cardholders between remote sites
  • Sync cardholders from a central site to one or more
    remote sites
  • Remote sites can maintain local autonomy
  • Access rights managed remotely ensure local resources
    continue to manage their security needs
  • Manage global cardholders through a web client