God’s Love We Deliver (God’s Love) is a non-profit organization in New York City that prepares and delivers meals to those in need. The team relies on the Security Center unified platform to ensure operations run smoothly and that over 10,000 volunteers stay safe.

The company

God’s Love We Deliver (God’s Love) is a non-sectarian non-profit organization in New York City that cooks and home-delivers nutritious meals to people in need. A dedicated full-time staff and over 10,000 volunteers help prepare and deliver over 1.6 million meals annually. Starting with a $5 million lead donation from fashion designer Michael Kors, and generous support from the City and other donors, the organization recently expanded its operations and rebuilt its headquarters and its security.

The challenge

In the previous building, the security team relied on a digital video recorder (DVR) and a buzzer entry system to secure the premises. There was no way to secure or control internal doors or do any real-time surveillance, unless someone was sitting at a monitor connected to the DVR. Moving forward, the God’s Love team wanted an intuitive IP video surveillance and access control systems that could help users to easily manage building access, and see what’s happening at a moment’s notice.

“Genetec Security Center is a flexible platform that we can adapt to fit our environment. It’s easier for our team to secure our building, allowing staff and volunteers to focus on helping people.”


Pete Tien, Network Administrator, God’s Love


Today, the God’s Love team relies on the Security Center unified platform to make sure that operations are running smoothly and that people are safe. At any time, the team can view video of common areas, the new conference floor and rooftop events spaces, volunteer workspace, delivery docks and the building’s perimeter using the Omnicast system.

They use the Synergis system to secure all doors which are set on a schedule to accommodate volunteer and staff hours. This facilitates access for people such as kitchen staff and delivery drivers who need to begin their workday before everyone else at 5 am. Using the Synergis system, the God’s Love team also restricts floor access from the main elevator.

The Solution

Unified Security Management

Having all information in one intuitive platform keeps operations fluid. The team uses Security Center to manage video, access control, glass-breaking detection and intercom systems.

Efficient Event Schedules

When weddings or corporate events are booked into the conference floor or the rooftop venue space, the team saves time by enabling pre-planned event schedules.

Easy Map Navigation

Users view video and respond from an interactive map of the building using the Plan Manager map-based interface. Tien said, “It’s a great way for us to handle alarms and manage events.”

Reliable Technical Support

“Any time I’ve spoken to a Genetec support engineer, they have been very knowledgeable about the Genetec system, and the network too. Overall, I’ve just been very impressed,” said Tien.

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