Hangzhou Cigarette Factory is a top manufacturing plant in China. After expanding its production, the company upgraded its surveillance system to Security Center Omnicast™ video management system. The new system had helped to secure the factory and enhance operations.

The company

Located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory is a subsidiary of China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Co, Ltd. In 2005, the organization decided to expand its production to better accommodate customer demand, growing its operations from a basic production plant to a top manufacturing facility in China.

The challenge

The Hangzhou factory proposed a comprehensive technology upgrade to the Hangzhou Economic Commission. A 6-year implementation plan was later approved to expand and upgrade all technology within the factory, including the video surveillance system. The new system needed to offer a flexible structure with decentralized control and centralized management.

“We are benefiting tremendously from this highly-reliable security platform, Security Center. Our overhead have been reduced substantially and we can adjust the number of cameras any time.”


Mr. Jin, Senior Engineer, Information Systems Division, Hangzhou Cigarette Factory


Today, operators at the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory use the Omnicast system to control over 720 video cameras. The factory is equipped with a main monitoring center, managed by 20 staff who work around the clock while four other teams operate another three monitoring centers and duty rooms. In the event of an emergency, the operators in the different monitoring centers access the video cameras simultaneously without interruption.

Hangzhou Cigarette Factory also uses the system to monitor its production, distribution, and delivery processes. “With the Omnicast solution, we successfully deliver our high-quality products. Our teams can also identify equipment breakdowns, and quickly alert the maintenance staff to handle the problem. This has not only elevated production efficiency but has also improved other functions, such as setting up standardized production process,” said Mr. Jin.

The solution

Video that’s always available

The video surveillance system is equipped with the failover capability between the directory and storage servers to ensure that it operates continuously, in case of hardware failure.

Optimized bandwidth and streaming

The Multicast feature of Security Center optimizes bandwidth and enhances real-time video streams, reducing the likelihood of a single-point-of-failure for the system.

Controlled viewing privileges

The highly granular system access privileges within the Omnicast solution ensures each department has access to specific video feeds which are related to their duties.

Open to future expansion

The Hangzhou Cigarette Factory plans to add another 600 video cameras covering 300,000 square meters of production space, knowing the Omnicast system can handle it.

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