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New Infinity Slough Data Center Unifies Best-of-Breed Security Technologies using Security Center and Provides Highly-Secure Data Center Services to Customers

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Business Challenge

Since its 2006 launch, Infinity SDC has been rising to the top of the data centre market in the United Kingdom (UK). Today, Infinity is considered London’s leading data center expert, providing wholesale and retail colocation data centre services from five locations.

Its newest data center, Infinity Slough, has been purpose-built to provide the ideal environment for its customers, drawing on leading-edge data center practices, innovative cooling methods and robust security. The state-of-the-art facility ensures the highest levels of resiliency and operational continuity and fully complies with international standards for information security management.

To achieve these results, only the most advanced physical security solutions were considered by Dale Wilkinson, Head of Security and Life Safety at Infinity SDC. Infinity sought security technologies that would secure this ultramodern facility by offering proactive monitoring, minimizing false alarms, and increasing response efficiency.

Infinity SDC relied on the expertise of Gratte Brothers, a full-service building company in the UK, who proposed Genetec™ Omnicast™ IP video surveillance as part of the Genetec™ unified security platform, Security Center. Security Center unifies IP video surveillance, access control, automatic number plate (ANPR) systems and other third-party systems in one intuitive solution.

Genetec™ at the Center of Infinity Slough Security

Today, Security Center is literally at the center of security operations at Infinity Slough, offering all-encompassing video and data to the security team who closely monitor the movement of employees and visitors throughout the site from a central command center.

As an open-platform solution, Security Center provides Infinity with complete hardware freedom, ensuring they can select a mix of technologies and brands, and upgrade devices as the Infinity Slough security team continues to evolve its system. Infinity SDC selected high-resolution IP Axis Communications network video devices and 360-degree Oncam cameras within the facility, and specialized FLIR thermal cameras for added perimeter protection.

Combined with Agent Vi video analytics, the Genetec™ Omnicast™ IP video surveillance system provides highly intelligent monitoring capabilities. For example, if someone is lingering near the perimeter or crosses a specific point on the property on foot or in a vehicle, alarms are sent to operators in the control room with the associated video from nearby cameras. These automated triggers help Infinity Slough operators to immediately take control and diffuse any potential security threats.

By leveraging the C-Cure access control plugin within Security Center, Infinity SDC also receives access control events directly within the unified platform. All access control events are tied with video from the Omnicast™ solution, so that operators can quickly assess and address any access-control-denied alarms.

The site is monitored 24-7-365 by security staff pre-vetted to the British Standard BS 7858. Besides video surveillance, site patrols, security checks and access management, Infinity Slough also met international standards for information security management, ISO IEC 27001. Wilkinson explained that it is part of the company's culture to ensure the security is the highest it can possibly be, since many companies are trusting them with the security of their data. As a result you will not see any other data center where the level of security is this high and to be honest, Wilkinson went on, 'it's one of the points that makes us stand out from the crowd'.

System Unification Supports High-Security Processes

The Sipelia™ Communications Management module of Security Center enabled seamless SIP-based communications between operators and the Stentofon intercom devices which are located at gate entry points and doors throughout the Slough building. With this module, Infinity SDC has the ability to implement multi-layer security check-points and processes which contribute to the site's impressive security.

For example, when a visitor approaches the site, Agent Vi video analytics will prompt an event within Security Center, pulling up video feeds and alerting operators of the incoming vehicle. The system automatically bookmarks the event in case operators or supervisors need to pull reports or review events later on-all relevant video and data from multiple systems are linked to this one log.

Operators can then prompt a two-way audio conversation through Security Center to the Stentofon intercom at the gate, and follow pre-defined instructions to verify the visitor's identification and compare it to expected visitor logs. When all requirements are met, the guard unlocks the gate barriers to allow the visitor to enter the next stage of validation. Step by step, video is monitored, authorization is vetted and granted, using strict procedures and multiple forms of authentication.

Minimizing Risks with Greater Efficiency

Security Center provides a truly unified approach to security monitoring at Infinity Slough where operators monitor video cameras, manage access control events, unlock and lock doors, receive intercom calls, and respond to intrusion alarms, all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

To further enhance efficiency, Infinity SDC operators work from Plan Manager, the map-based interface of Security Center, clicking on camera icons to pull up video, dynamically changing the camera's fields-of-view, and handling intercom calls and access control events. Plan Manager provides an easier and faster way for operators to address security within such a massive, technologically-advanced facility.

Security Center is also installed at multiple workstations throughout the facility, and granular system access privileges ensure guards only have access to the video and data that are required for their duties or areas of supervision.

According to Wilkinson, he knows he can buy a cheaper solution, but will not, as it is inferior and would not be fit for his purpose. Wilkinson says the solution built by Gratte Brothers using Genetec™ Security Center helps minimize his risks. For one of the most impressive data centers in London, that's a necessity.

Infrastructure at a Glance

Omnicast™ video surveillance manages all cameras from various vendors such as Axis Communications, FLIR and Oncam. Video is recorded at the edge for 7 days, and long-term server-based storage offers 60-200 days of retention. Agent Vi video analytics, Software House C-Cure access control, and Stentofon intercom systems are integrated with Security Center.

Original Source: Join Us on a Tour of Infinity Slough, Professional Security Magazine Online, August and September 2015


Infinity SDC Datacentre Infinity SDC Datacentre

Infinity Slough state-of-the-art data center Infinity Slough state-of-the-art data center

The security team closely monitor the site from a central command center The security team closely monitor the site from a central command center

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