Key Benefits

  • Ensure the security and redundancy of evidence recorded during interviews
  • Highly elastic cloud-based recordings enables departments to create new incidents or extend retention periods, without the need for additional on-site storage hardware
  • Easily initiate and index interview recordings with a compact, all-in-one solution

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Highly-Secure, Cloud-Based Evidence Management

Leveraging Genetec video and access control systems, law enforcement departments can deploy an all-in-one solution to manage their interview room recordings, and ensure the security and privacy of evidence acquired from interviews.

This compact, network system allows investigators to easily initiate interview recordings with the swipe of their access card, designate recording access privileges, and retrieve evidence from interviews that is clearly bookmarked from each interview. Furthermore, all video and audio is encrypted and archived in the cloud, ensuring that evidence is secure, and additional interviews can be recorded with no need for additional storage hardware.

Application Features

Open Solution
Departments can select from a wide range of IP cameras, video encoders, and audio equipment supported by Security Center, allowing them to leverage their existing security investment or take advantage of the latest technology. Interviews are easily recorded and can be replayed from the Security Center station, while ensuring video and audio is synchronized.

Secure Cloud Archives
Using the Cloud Archives service, agencies can define how long recordings are kept, and easily extend retention periods should policies change, without the need to invest in additional storage hardware. All recordings are replicated and mirrored in the cloud, providing greater redundancy and ensuring that key evidence is kept safe, while avoiding the risk of video loss due to failure of on-premise hardware.

Turnkey System
With the ability to simply swipe their access card to start video and audio recordings, officers can conduct interviews without additional assistance to operate the surveillance system, and can review their interviews from Security Center. All interviews are bookmarked with the time, date, and credential information of when the recording was captured, in order to easily index and find past recordings.

Video Privacy & Encryption
Once an interview is recorded, data is encrypted using AES-256 with a user-created encryption key, and transferred to the cloud through a secure TLS connection. Using Security Center, users can configure privilege levels to ensure recordings can only be viewed and exported by investigators with sufficient access rights, and mitigate the risk of evidence being sent to non-authorized parties.

Application Architecture

Investigators can initiate interview recording by swiping their access credential over a reader. A light is automatically triggered by a system output to indicate that recording has begun, and confirm to the interrogator that the system is live. All recorded video and audio is encrypted, and securely archived in the Cloud. Interviews are bookmarked in the system, and can be reviewed from a Security Center station by authorized users.

Application Components:

Available from Genetec™

    • SV-32 Network Appliance with Security Center 5.2 SR7
    • Security Center Cloud Archives service
    • Security Center Interview Recording add-on
    • Door Controller
    • Card reader
    • Badge cards (credential)

3rd Party Solutions

  • Cameras and encoders with audio capabilities
  • Audio equipment