leapp is a growing retail chain in Europe that refurbishes and sells second-hand Apple products. The retailer invested in the Stratocast cloud-based surveillance system and now manages 100 cameras in over 24 stores located in three countries.

The company

leapp is a growing retail chain in the Netherlands specializing in the refurbishment and sale of second-hand Apple products. In its five years of operations, the retailer has opened 16 stores in the Netherlands, and has expanded into Belgium and Germany with an additional eight locations. Customers trust leapp to deliver quality refurbished devices and excellent customer service, both online and in-store.

The challenge

To protect its stores and staff, the retailer first began by installing off-the-shelf security systems. As the company expanded to new locations, a mix of technologies became difficult to maintain and manage. Its team wanted to standardize their operations by using one system. They also wanted a scalable solution that could grow with their operations, and which could minimize any upfront investments.

“Stratocast has been a reliable security system, and it has also delivered major operational advantages for our team.”


Job Pijpers, Dedicated Roll-Out Manager for new stores, leapp


leapp uses Stratocast to manage a total of 100 cameras in over 24 stores located in three countries. Each store is equipped with three or four Axis Communications P-Series Network Cameras (mostly AXIS P3354) which provide an overview of entrances, sales floors, cash registers and stock rooms. The company can easily access and monitor all cameras from their headquarters in the Netherlands, using the Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS) license.

leapp is also using the Stratocast system to achieve other business objectives. This includes finding customer service agents in store who are available to jump online and handle chat requests. leapp is also making use of the cloud-based video system for employee training purposes, and to sell the business concept to prospective landlords and investors as leapp grows into new European markets.

The solution

Affordable central monitoring

leapp monitors all in-store video systems from their headquarters, using Federation-as-a-Service. The cloud-based service facilitates central monitoring of multiple sites.

Easy remote investigations

If an alarm goes off, regional loss prevention managers can quickly access video from their mobile phone or computer. The team can find video in seconds and securely export the evidence.

Impressive operational value

leapp uses the system to show prospective landlords and investors what stores look like and how they operate. This gives leapp the hand-shake on the deal much sooner.

Predictable monthly costs

Stratocast makes it easy to budget and plan for growth. For each new location, managers can quickly determine how many cameras are required, and the monthly costs for the entire system.

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