Neue Halberg-Guss

Cast Iron Factory in Germany, Neue Halberg-Guss, selects the IP video surveillance system of Security Center to get better visibility and evidence at two factory sites

The Business Challenge

Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH is one of the European market’s technology leaders in the development and production of cast iron cylinder heads, engine blocks, and crankshafts. As the supplier to all major European truck and car manufacturers, the company develops products that range from intricate three-cylinder blocks for passenger vehicles to large-volume V8 engines for commercial vehicles. With over 2000 employees and an annual production of 2500 tons of cast parts, Halberg-Guss considers security a top priority.

Years prior, the company had invested in video surveillance at its plants in Saarbrücken and Leipzig. However, the grainy analogue video system only provided live viewing of the two entrances and exits from a few cameras. The data was not stored so if the video was not constantly being monitored, risks of theft would be heightened and valuable video evidence could not be retrieved to prosecute offenders.

Instead, Halberg-Guss wanted to expand their surveillance coverage to clearly monitor the property limits as well as entrances, exits and shipping and receiving doors. Management at Halberg-Guss also required the ability to record the video so that after-the-fact investigations could be carried out. Relying on the expertise from Dietzenbacher Control GmbH, a technical integrator company from Saarbrücken, Halberg-Guss chose Security Center, the unified security platform from Genetec, which includes Omnicast, the IP video surveillance system.

Industrial Engineer and IT Project Manager, Joachim Carius said: "The security solution by Genetec met all of our requirements, has flexible configuration and is good value for the price."

Omnicast Heightens Situational Awareness at Plants

Today, 39 cameras are being managed from the Omnicast system at Halberg-Guss with the possibility to easily grow one camera at a time. "We want to create a seamless monitoring ring which covers the entire plant. One camera should always have another in its view," explained IT Project Manager Joachim Carius.

The most notable improvement for Halberg-Gus was the ease of video archiving. Omnicast ensures that all current and archived video is always available and a server records all or only the most important camera streams, depending on the implemented settings. A second server room is being planned to provide an added layer of reliability where data will be stored in two different locations.

The built-in Motion Detection and Video Trickling also offer Halberg Guss more efficient ways to identify and handle events. In the case of unusual events such as unauthorised access or unrecognised objects left behind, the system generates specific and action-related alarms so operators can quickly address the situation. Omnicast has also ensured greater peace of mind with various security and privacy features that prevent unauthorised access to the system, tampering and falsification of the video recordings.

Expanding on the Benefits

According to Carius, “Omnicast is working correctly and is extremely reliable. After the installation of the Genetec IP video surveillance solution, we found that people were trying to access the premises on a weekend, without authorisation. The factory security could intervene directly when the Omnicast alarm was triggered and thus successfully prevent access."

With pre-programmed alarms, Halberg-Guss efficiently controls the entrances and exits as well as the shipping and receiving areas, knowing when and who enters their buildings at all times. To simplify this task, the company has setup system-automated actions for motion alarms at the front gate such as transferring video sequences to the main gatehouse so an operator there can quickly intervene. If trespassing ensues, another alarm is triggered and the system transfers the additional recordings to all other monitors. The factory security department monitors all of these alarms, but the IT department also has access for general maintenance and technical expertise.

Looking to Tomorrow

Due to the simple user interface of Security Center, operators have found the IP video surveillance system to be very easy to manage and control. With simplified operator workflows, Halber Guss is considering expanding the unified platform to include other applications that will secure the raw materials deliveries in the smelting area.

For Halberg- Guss, Security Center was a smart long-term investment. The unified platform lets them easily add access control or license plate recognition, or even tie-in other business systems later on, while their operators only need to familiarise themselves with one system. This saves both time and additional training costs.

Infrastructure at a Glance

In total, 30 Bosch KBP-495V28 cameras and a Flir SR-19 thermal imaging camera were installed at Halberg-Guss. Two existing Mobotix MD10 IP cameras and six analogue cameras were tied into the new IP system using Axis Communications video encoders. Saarbrückener Guss laid lines from the new camera locations to the node points and connected these to the existing company network.

The security system itself is completely decoupled from the internal network and operates on a secure virtual network to which no remote access is possible. Security Center is installed on a server with a 10TB hard drive that provides a 28-day retention period.