Achieve Effective Perimeter Security With Optex IP Detectors

Accomplishing effective IP video surveillance for perimeter security requires multi-layered, integrated solutions. Maximizing the level of motion detection and improving false alarm rates in harsh environmental conditions are critical factors to end-users. You can provide the highest level of IP video surveillance for perimeter security by integrating Optex's leading IP detection technology with Genetec video management software.

Maximize Motion Detection By Integrating Optex and Genetec Security Center

To increase the effectiveness of IP video surveillance for perimeter security and eliminate the root cause of false alarms in outdoor environments, physical detectors can be used in conjunction with cameras. Optex IP detectors increases motion detection reliability, and provides real-time alerts to Security Center operators in order to effectively respond to events. Optex features a range of motion detection technology to meet various needs including Redscan laser, Redwall passive infrared and Redbeam photoelectric detectors. In difficult and changing environmental conditions, integrating Optex detectors with network cameras can reduce video associated false alarms increasing the reliability of detection and surveillance. Each IP detector's built-in event codes can be used to to trigger alarms in Genetec Security Center, direct cameras to preset positions, and enhance security repsonse time.

Optex Product Systems Diagram

Each IP detector's built-in event codes can be used to trigger alarm conditions in the Genetec Security Center. Optex Redscan communicates directly over Ethernet. Redwall and Redbeam use Optex's PIE-1 to encode analog signals into IP signals for Genetec.



About Optex IP Detector

Optex is a world leading sensor manufacturer with 30 years experience developing security industry specific products. Optex specializes in motion detection technology for indoor and outdoor perimeter security. Optex perimeter security solutions is respected globally with applications deployed at some of the world's most critical security sites. In addition to stand-alone motion detection solutions, Optex has forged strategic global alliances and integration with leading global security companies providing unique and effective perimeter security solutions.

Version and Ordering Information

  • Genetec Security Center 5.0 or later
  • Integration includes: Device supervision, alarm, trouble, tamper, PTZ camera preset (4 or 8 zones)
  • TCP/IP, UDP connection available

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