The Town of Palm Beach has a world-renowned reputation for its quality of life and small-town character. To uphold community safety, the Palm Beach police department (PBPD) uses Security Center with the video and automatic license plate recognitions systems.

The company

Palm Beach is the easternmost town in the state of Florida in the United States, which is located on a 16-mile (26 km) long barrier island. Since the late 19th century, Palm Beach has developed a world-renowned reputation for its beauty, quality of life and small-town character. The Palm Beach police department is always on the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to protecting the barrier island.

The challenge

With four bridges connecting the mainland, the PBPD implemented automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology to track vehicles coming onto the island. After some time, the chosen technology was proving to be unreliable and produced numerous inaccurate reads, if any at all. In its search to replace ALPR cameras, the PBPD decided it was also time to add video surveillance cameras around the island to increase crime solvability.

“We can have a lead in almost 99% of the cases with this new system because we either catch them with an ALPR hit or video surveillance. It’s like fishing with dynamite.”


Captain Curtis Krauel, Palm Beach Police Department


Today, the Security Center Omnicast™ video surveillance system, is managing 150 IP video surveillance cameras from Panasonic. The cameras are installed at main intersections and at every entry point on the island. More video surveillance cameras have been installed alongside 15 Security Center AutoVu™ Sharp IP license plate recognition cameras on Palm Beach bridges to track incoming and outgoing vehicles.

AutoVu compares license plate reads to state-controlled criminal databases, such as the Florida Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center, which alert dispatchers and officers to license plates that are associated to stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, wanted persons, amber alerts, and more. “These cameras are used in 90% of all of our apprehensions, and provides the evidence to solidify our prosecutions,” explained Captain Krauel.

The solution

Complete security view

Security Center synchs data from both systems in one intuitive application. When the PBPD receive an ALPR hit, operators can quickly access live footage from any camera in that vicinity.

Anywhere mobile access

Police administrators and investigators can tap into the system from their mobile phones and devices. They use the mobile app to monitor important hits and support undercover operations.

Strict data protection

“User permissions and hierarchies ensure that only those with authority can access video archives and that our citizen’s privacy is taken seriously,” explained Captain Krauel.

Bettering community life

When a bridge was closed for repairs, camera access was shared with the Palm Beach Traffic Center. They monitored traffic in real-time, ensuring better flow on and off the island.

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