Security Center OnGuard and Video Translator Plugins

The OnGuard and Video Translator plugins provide integration between Genetec™ Security Center and Lenel OnGuard access control systems. Operators can monitor OnGuard access control entities, alarms, and events within Security Center, and view associated video from live and recorded access control events. The Video Translator plugin provides the ability to view Security Center video from OnGuard client applications.

Access Control Integration

The OnGuard plugin allows operators to monitor your OnGuard access control events directly from your Security Center client, while viewing surveillance camera footage and associated video events from the same user interface. Users define which doors are associated to which cameras within Security Center and configure alarms to be triggered by OnGuard access control events.

Key Features

  • Synchronize OnGuard access control entities and receive associated events within Security Center, including:
    • Cardholders
    • Visitors
    • Readers and doors
    • Intrusion detection units
    • Access control units
    • Areas
    • Alarms
  • Monitor access control events: View video of related access controls event from OnGuard within Security Center
  • Monitor and Acknowledge OnGuard Alarms: Alarms triggered within OnGuard can be monitored and acknowledged within Security Center
  • Trigger actions and outputs in OnGuard using hot actions and event-to-actions
  • Lock and Unlock doors in OnGuard from Security Desk
  • Configure event-to-actions using OnGuard events and alarms
  • Generate Security Center reports using OnGuard data

Network Diagram

Communication between the Security Center and OnGuard systems is done over TCP/IP. The OnGuard plugin is installed on a Security Center server and is responsible for the communication between the OnGuard and Security Center systems.


Video Integration with OnGuard

The Video Translator plugin can be used when access control operators need video verification from their OnGuard client station.

Key Features

  • View live and playback Security Center video
  • Search Security Center video recordings
  • Control Security Center PTZ cameras
  • Export Security Center Video files with watermarking from OnGuard
  • Associate OnGuard alarms and actions to Security Center events such as:
    • Camera motion events
    • Camera offline/online events
    • Unit offline/online events

Network Diagram

The communication between the Security Center system and the OnGuard system is done over TCP/IP. The Video Translator plugin and Security Center distributable SDK are installed on an OnGuard server and are responsible for the communication between the OnGuard and Security Center systems.


Key Benefits

  • View video and access control information from a single interface
  • Trigger OnGuard actions and outputs from Security Center
  • Generate access control reports directly from Security Desk

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The OnGuard and Video Translator plugin 4.0 for Security Center is compatible with the following systems:

  • Security Center 5.3 SR2 and later
  • OnGuard system version 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3

Ordering Information

Part Description
GSC-1PLEN 1 Lenel OnGuard plugin
GSC-1VLEN 1 Lenel OnGuard Video Translator

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