Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group (THP) is a leading beverage corporation that manufactures, and retails bottled drinks in Asia. Today, the company uses Security to manage over 1200 cameras and 8 Security Center AutoVu™ ALPR cameras, making it the largest single-site security system in Vietnam.

The company

Located just outside Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, THP is a leading beverage corporation that develops, manufactures, and retails an assortment of bottled drinks to Vietnam and other Asian countries. Superseding the regional sales of global giants such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, THP houses 6,000 square meters of office space, 7,500 square meters of factory space, and 46,000 square meters of warehouse space in their state-of-the-art headquarters.

The challenge

While THP security team had an analog video surveillance system in place, properly handling investigations was difficult and time consuming. The grainy images from DVR tapes and interrupted reliability of the system made securing their facilities even more challenging. THP wanted to find a proven enterprise-class and feature-rich IP-based security system that would speed up investigations and offer easy access to managers overseeing operations.

“Security Center provided centralized monitoring of both video surveillance and license plate recognition systems under a single, easy-to-use, and robust platform.”


Mr. Nguyen Quang Dinh, Chairman, Orion New Tech


Today, THP is using the Security Center Omnicast™ video system to manage just over 1200 cameras. This represents the greatest number of surveillance cameras for a single security project in Vietnam's history. Security Center allows THP to maximize their 11-server infrastructure by hosting more than 100 cameras per server. This helps them minimize hardware investments and curb the costs of powering, cooling, and maintaining the equipment at such a massive site.

THP reinforces perimeter security with eight AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras. The ALPR cameras help operators track delivery trucks, capturing license plate reads as they pass by the cameras’ field of view at the weighing stations. Alongside the license plate reads are date and time stamps, and a color image of the vehicle. This data is sent back to the Security Center platform and unified with Omnicast video surveillance.

The solution

Unified views from perimeter to plant

If a theft is reported, the security team at THP can easily pull up video tied to the license plate reads so they can see exactly who was driving the truck as it entered and exited the facility.

Optimized bandwidth usage

With the Multicast feature set up, many users in various locations can view a video feed simultaneously without overcrowding the network or overloading the servers.

Easy mobile access

The system’s ease of use has helped the team reduce response time to incidents and quickly find information during investigations. Floor managers use their phones to check up on operations.

Simplified investigations

Instead of remembering camera IDs, the team uses the Visual Tracking feature to follow a suspect in the factory, jumping from camera to camera with a single mouse click in the video tile.

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