Telehouse America is a leading data center in the United States that underwent a major security upgrade. Today, the team manages video, access control, perimeter detection, intercom, and other advanced technologies within Security Center to better secure sites and ensure compliance.

The company

As the internet evolved in the 1980s, Telehouse was busy building the infrastructure to support booming network operations. In 1989, the company built the first-ever American data center in Staten Island, New York, United States. Since then, Telehouse has expanded to over 40 state-of-the-art data centers worldwide, offering over 4 million square feet of colocation space to thousands of customers. Beyond the 162,000 sq.ft. flagship data center in Staten Island, Telehouse America also offers colocation centers in downtown New York and Los Angeles.

The challenge

Security has always been mission-critical for Telehouse. The problem in the past was that the video and access control solutions weren’t connected. Security operators would move between applications, trying to piece information together during investigations. The systems were also too old to accommodate new upgrades. Over time, these limitations strained resources. Visiting technicians needed to be escorted to servers to ensure compliance, taking Telehouse staff away from other jobs. As audit requests came in, compiling information became difficult and time-consuming.

“Since implementing Security Center, securing our site and managing our visitors has become much easier. Having that unified security view ensures our staff can see what’s happening and respond without delay.”


Milad Abdelmessih, Senior Director for HR and Corporate Division of Telehouse


Across both the Staten Island and Manhattan locations, the security teams monitor a total of 400 cameras and 400 doors using both the Omnicast™ video surveillance system and the Synergis™ access control system of Security Center. The security team also benefitted from the platform’s open architecture, adding a MAGOS radar perimeter detection system, BioConnect fingerprint and facial recognition devices, and Deister key management technologies.

To better manage people onsite, the team implemented Genetec ClearID™. This physical identity and access management module allows Telehouse to automate visitor requests while keeping detailed audit trails of each visit. To access the server cabin, each visitor must then go through a series of security checkpoints including turnstiles, revolving doors with anti-pass-back features, and dual-authentication requirements where both cards and biometric scans are vetted.

The solution

Unified map-based view

Investigations have been simplified with Security Center. Using the map-based interface, the team can quickly find doors and nearby cameras and see everything happening around them.

Streamlined visitor management

Genetec ClearID helps the team efficiently manage over 400 visitors per month. Every step from the initial request to the deactivation of a visitor’s card is logged which simplifies auditing and reporting.

A cybersecure solution

“Everything from the built-in encryptions to the certificates that Genetec holds to where the information is hosted and the back-ups available was all scrutinized. Our team agreed that Genetec solutions checked all the right boxes for cybersecurity,” said Abdelmessih.

Intuitive custom dashboards

From handling investigations to sending clients reports, every task is now easier. Telehouse customizes individual dashboards to support every team member’s objectives and preferences.

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