Sytral, the Joint Transport Union for the Rhone and Lyon, has successfully implemented Genetec's Security Center platform to manage the 1,900 cameras at Lyon's 42 metro stations, as well as the 576 cameras onboard the D line.

The company

Comprised of four metro lines and two funiculars, the Sytral metro system was put into service in 1978. Due to the need for enhanced security coverage, the network moved from an analog system to a digital platform.

The challenge

The only thing missing was tracking potential offenders, meaning if the teams wanted to follow suspects, they would lose them as soon as they boarded the trains. Jean-Baptiste Badet's team therefore devised a system to extend the video surveillance network to the trains.

"Thanks to this system, the PCS was able to respond in time to prevent incidents. As for the PCC, it now benefits from a custom solution that allows it to inspect the tracks remotely. Previously, they had to send teams in person at regular intervals, which was very time-consuming and random."


Jean-Baptiste Badet, Manager at Sytral, responsible for electrical energy and passenger travel equipment


Genetec Security Center brings together metro stations cameras, onboard cameras and allows both the PCS and the PCC to monitor scenarios and alarms specifically.

"We try to comply with a charter in our software so that orders are always in the same place, with specific color codes” explains Jean-Baptiste Badet. He is delighted with the result: at the top of their screen, operators can now see a graphic of the D-line, which, connected to the automated system, indicates the position of the trains. They simply click on one of them to display their camera images.

The solution

Optimized management of video feed

Thanks to Security Center, these recorders facilitate the management of optimized video feed and bandwidth. They also capture and record images locally, allowing the train to be autonomous in the event of loss of the radio link. In addition, they are also able to store recordings from the eight cameras in a car for six consecutive days.

A custom interface

The interconnected video hypervision solution thanks to the Security Center SDK includes amongst its flagship features an HMI graphic interface specific to the subway environment, with a line thermometer and ergonomics designed for accessing the station cameras and in-car cameras as quickly as possible.

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