The Spitalfields Estate in London, United Kingdom, is a mixed-use property with corporate offices, residential units, and a public space for visitors.

The company

The Spitalfields Estate is a 1.9m ft2, mixed-use development in East London managed by CBRE. It includes corporate offices, retail and residential units, public spaces, and a market independent of its famous neighbor, the Old Spitalfields market. The estate has 16,000 tenants and runs several cultural and entertainment events to foster a local community environment. Recently visitor numbers have increased from 165,000 to between 400,000 and 500,000 a week. Effective security management and caring for tenants and visitors is a key part of the estate’s job.

The challenge

At the Spitalfields Estate, the existing CCTV system was an old analog application on a PC connected to a network of outdated cameras. Although functional, the system was difficult and costly to maintain. Image quality and storage capabilities were poor. The old CCTV system also couldn’t support some of the future services and applications that the estate wanted to deliver. While the estate planned to upgrade the cameras and cabling, its team soon realized the whole system needed replacing. The aim was to implement a dedicated CCTV system capable of supporting modern equipment.

“The Genetec solution suited our needs because it offered the support, training, information, and knowledge sharing to make the system professional and easy to use.”


Justin Morgan, Head of Security at The Spitalfields Estate at CIS Security


Since upgrading its outdated CCTV system with Genetec Security Center, The Spitalfields Estate has enhanced its security management, while also gaining the freedom to evolve its security system without restriction. Security Center provides clear, clean images from their existing cameras and is easy to manage and use. The estate’s Head of Security, Justin Morgan, describes the change as going “from level one to level 10, without touching level five.”

“To go from old, hard-to-use equipment to a professional, modern, and fit-for-purpose solution is a huge improvement for security management at The Spitalfields Estate. It’s an investment in technology and operations, but it’s also an investment in the team, the tenants, and the whole estate,” explained Morgan.

The solution

Easy transition to IP video

Security Center is hosted on the all-in-one Genetec Streamvault 300 Series server which converts analog feeds from the existing cameras into digital data for staff to monitor and manipulate.

Enhanced GDPR compliance

Genetec Clearance improves General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance by using intelligent identity-redaction features and by removing the need to share image data via hard media.

Automatic detection and alerts

The team plans to use Security Center to set up automatic detection alerts when someone enters a sensitive area, when large groups form, or when suspect objects are left unattended.

Phased system upgrade

The estate’s new solution has been designed and managed in phases so that it can protect the existing investment and control future spending.

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