Key Benefits

  • Offers the ability for organizations to proactively prepare for various threat situations
  • Allows you to react to changing security conditions at a moment's notice
  • Facilitates the implementation of standardized responses to potential threats leading to greater security
  • Provides full control of physical entry points through access-controlled doors*
  • Extends threat management beyond access control to other systems such as video surveillance
  • Fully customizable threat levels that you adapt to your organization's specific needs

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React to changing security conditions at a moment's notice

With Security Center's Threat Level Management feature, you can quickly change the behavior of your security system in response to changing security conditions and potential threats, with the ultimate goal of protecting your people and your assets.

Whether you are changing behavior across your entire organization or for a specific area or building, you can selectively restrict entry through doors controlled with the Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance, change Omnicast™ video camera operation including recording quality and frame rates, and limit which operators have access to your security software, and much more.

Sample Applications

Government Applications
Threat Level Management is ideal for protecting critical infrastructure and governmental organizations. With greater security concerns, these organizations now have a tool to proactively prepare for and instantly respond to potential threats.


Multi-Site and Campus Security
In a campus-style environment with multiple buildings, Threat Level Management’s multiple activation options allows you to restrict access to a particular building or selectively control access in response to a threat.


 Emergency Response and Other Applications
Beyond responding to threats, Threat Level Management can be used in any situation requiring your security team to dynamically change the state and operation of your Security Center system.


Standardization of Responses to Threats
As part of any organization’s need to handle to threats and emergencies, Threat Level Management makes it simple to standardize the responses, helping to ensure the same process is followed.

Threat Level Management Overview

Whether triggered manually by security personnel or automatically by an event or alarm, threat level activation will change the state of your Genetec video or access control system and help protect your workforce, visitors, and assets.


Key Features and Specifications

    • Unified threat level management: When activated, a threat level will quickly change the behavior of your access control, video surveillance, and intrusion panels, among many more actions.
    • Choose the response to match the threat: With multiple threat levels at your security team’s disposal, they can quickly choose the appropriate response.
    • Flexible activation options: You have the power to activate threat levels across your entire organization or to a specific building, floor, or area. Actions are triggered when threat levels are activated or deactivated.
  • Full control over cardholder access*: Enable selective access allowing only key security personnel through a door.
  • Full control over your cameras: Trigger recording, change resolution, protect recorded video, and go to a PTZ preset.
  • Fully customizable: Create any number of threat levels with user-defined names, color coding, and activation/deactivation actions.
  • Clear visual notifications: Operators will immediately see when a threat level has been triggered through clear visual and audible notifications, allowing them to react accordingly.