With 30,000 students, Utrecht University is the largest educational institution in the Netherlands. Since upgrading to Security Center Omnicast™, the security team now monitors 300 cameras from one central location to maximize resources and keep everyone on campus safe.

The company

With 30 000 students, 6,000 employees, 600 professors and dozens of buildings, the Utrecht University is the largest educational institution in the Netherlands. Every year more than 550 students enroll in doctorate degrees and to date, twelve Nobel Prize winners have attended this internationally renowned university. Most buildings are located at the campus De Uithof in the northeast of the city, but the University also has several buildings in the medieval center of Utrecht. The security team manages security across the campus from a remote monitoring center, working closely with on-foot security officers to coordinate response.

The challenge

Years ago, Utrecht University installed many analog camera systems with the help of their trusted integrator, Chubb Fire and Security. These standalone systems were not complicated, but difficult to manage. After every incident, a security officer would have to physically go to the video recorder to review evidence in the hopes of finding more information. The investigative process was inefficient and time-consuming. Eventually, the security team began looking for a better solution. They wanted to be able to consolidate all independent video systems within a single platform and manage it all from a new central control room.

“When incidents occur, our team is retrieving video and information much faster. This not only increases campus security but also gives students the feeling that their safety is taken seriously.”


André de Beus, Specialist in Security Technology and Advisor, Utrecht University


Today, the security team at Utrecht University is handling incidents and investigations on campus faster. That’s because the university migrated to IP video surveillance technology using Omnicast. The security team can now access video from over 300 cameras from their central control room. That means when incidents happen, officers can quickly find video and conduct investigations without leaving their desk.

Since the Omnicast system is integrated with an intrusion detection system, officers are immediately notified of potential break-ins anywhere on campus. Video of an intrusion event automatically comes up on the operator’s monitor in the control room so they can quickly respond. While maximizing resources has led to significant cost savings, the biggest perk for the university has been providing a more secure campus.

The solution

Centralized monitoring

The security team can now access video from over 300 cameras from their central control room. When incidents happen, officers can quickly find video without leaving their desk.

Easy growth

The system’s scalability has helped the university expand security operations over time. The team started with 10 cameras and are now monitoring over 300 cameras from various manufacturers.

Enhanced privacy

The team has maximized resources while ensuring privacy. Many users have access to the system, but each person can only view cameras and handle tasks that are necessary for their job.

Remote viewing

Guards access the system from anywhere using the latest web interface. This has reduced the number of manned desks and costs, while empowering on-foot guards with convenient remote viewing.

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